REVIEW: Hello Forever - Whatever It Is

February 20, 2020 in Album Reviews

by Easy P

Upon first inspection, this band:
1) is from LA,
2) lives on a commune
3) has a lead singer that looks like he lives on a commune,
4) sings about “love”,
5) has bandmember with the last name “Pease”,
6) dress like they live on a commune and
7) tries hard to be “goofy” and “counter-culture”, but it’s really hard to tell whether they’re trying too hard.

At some points during this album I feel like this is the second coming of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, but, at other shining moments, the lead singer (Samuel Joseph) pulls a Dave Longstreth-like melody mixed with a chorus of CSNY. Other highlights include roasted guitar solos and chaotic crescendos ala Animal Collective.

I watched their music video for “Anywhere is Everywhere” (btw that song title, wow, so deep) and I like their aesthetic, but, like I said, are they trying too hard? The music snob in me says yes, but the teenager in me who LOVES heady rhythms, vocals, visuals, and hippie-ness, kinda likes it. I can’t deny that they’ve got an “it” factor, but it’s hard to say whether that “it-ness” will resonate with the indie snobs or the Edward Sharpe strays looking for a new cult to join. I’m optimistic that their crunchy-good vibes will materialize into buzz beyond the commune. 

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