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Review: Sofi Tukker - Dancing on the People - Draft

November 03, 2019 in Album Reviews

by green

Every track is danceable. Purple Hat, from which the album takes its title, is delightfully weird, while Ringless is more of a “crying in the club” vibe. The album has a playful energy through and through, even on the more dramatic tracks like Swing, which features a Portuguese poem by the duo’s friend, Chacal.

Genre-defying and dripping with skillful storytelling, the album takes a step beyond limb-thrashing dance music to position the duo’s work as an escape from the realities of the current political system. Although the album can’t really be called a satisfying follow-up to their debut Treehouse (I need more than six tracks), Dancing On The People is still captivatingly atmospheric and fun, above all else.

Recommended: 4, 3, 1, 6



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