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October 19, 2018 in DJ Picks

by Sam Bridgers

Our Music Directors compile weekly charts of the top most played albums on the station.

1. Molly Burch - First Flower

This week’s most played album goes to South Austin based Molly Burch with  her sophomore follow up First Flower. First Flower is an album of broken friendships, family relationships, and the fight to overcome anxiety.

Recommended Tracks: To The Boys, Wild, Without You


2. TC Superstar - Heat Death

If you couldn't tell by now, we have a thing for Austin-based TC Superstar. Heat Death brings a further exploration into the group’s future.

Recommended Tracks: Acceptance, Denial


3. TC Superstar - Masc

TC Superstar's debut album Masc stays popping off at the station, this week it takes the number 3 most played album at the station.

Recommended Tracks: I Don't Mind, Something, Don't Wanna Be


4. Triathalon - Online

Making a return to our top 10 is Triathalon with Online and their expression of their difficulties balancing normal and artist lifestyles.

Recommended Tracks: Hard To Move, Bad Mood, Butter


5. Harrison Lemke – More Postcards From Purgatory

On More Postcards From Purgatory, Harrison Lemke blends songs about life, death, God and myth and the blurred lines in between.

Recommended Tracks: The Dry Places, Fiery Sword, Moving Blues


6. Natalie Prass – The Future And The Past

Fresh off an ACL festival performance, we can’t get enough of Prass and her powerful record The Future And The Past.

Recommended Tracks: Short Court Style, The Fire, Sisters


7. Loma – Loma

Recorded off a dirt road in rural Texas, Loma delivers a hypnotic world of their own on their self-titled debut LP.

Recommended Tracks: Black Willow, Joy, Who Is Speaking


8. The Naked Tungs - Distract Myself 

Making our top 10 again this week is The Naked Tungs. You can catch the up and coming band at Hotel Vegas on October 29th.

Recommended Tracks: Shut it Off, Warming Up 


9. The Parks Project – Space Jazz 

Reaching the top 10 for a second time in a row, The Parks Project’s psychedelic jazz is a contagious hit at the station.

Recommended Tracks: Pentagonal, Come Again, Drumpovisation


10. Dead Sullivan – Season

Hailing from the small college town outside of Dallas, Dead Sullivan brings a fresh take on the lofi genre.

Recommended Tracks: Drive, Single Thing, Swallow

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