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Just trying to emulate WTJU '86–'89 

Title Artist Album
Twin Cities The Gotobeds Debt Begins at 30
Tetris Little Hag Whatever Happened To Avery Jane?
Instrospection Jamael Dean Ished Tree
Our People (feat. Quelle Chris) Seba Kaapstad Konke
Benzin (Live) Boogarins Levitation Sessions
Zambo La Retreta Mayor Color de Trópico
Veins Jennifer Castle Monarch Season
Anti-Me Lunchbox Summer's Over
Psycho Killer The Medicine Dolls Faith and Wisdom
Psycho Killer Bruce Lash Prozak for Lovers II
Pyscho Killer Caravan of Thieves Mischief Night
Psycho Killer Zed French Café Lounge - Jazz and Bossanova
Pyscho Killer The Bobs Sing the Songs Of...
Psycho Killer Black Mighty Wax Covers in lounge Vol. 3
Psycho Killer (8 Bit Version) 8 Bit Universe Retro Chip
Title Artist Album
Passageway Chronophage Th'pig'kiss'd' Album
こどもたちの恋 LSD March 君の歌を聴いて僕は悪魔になった
Blame It on Mohammad The Muslims Gentrifried Chicken
Eat My Hat Thrilled Skinny They Said We Wouldn't But We Did
Searchin' Ahmed Abdul-Malik East Meets West
Real Heads China Club Ming + Zhizhi
Edm for Cops NOLIFE Fear of the Sky
Kung Prous Srolanch Sinn Sisamouth Wat Phnom
Bad Feelin' Blues Blind Blake Rough Guide to Blind Blake
Boom Boom The Tempters First Album
Sedgwick Trevor Sensor Andy Warhol's Dream
Open Up and Swallow sun is poison Beheading Party
Caribou Baltyk Self-Help, Pt. 1
The Orchids Psychic TV Dreams Less Sweet
Segunda The Nels Cline Singers Share the Wealth
Confirmed Frenchman Lamps People with Faces
A Clearing in the Field William Tyler Music from the First Cow
A Rose Bloomed Suishou No Fune Where the Spirits Are
Title Artist Album
Ammunition Gold Connections Ammunition
Where I Want to Be Start Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987
Ma Eglise Primaries Primaries
ContraDiction All Natural & Panik Dark Night
Wait Till The Stars Burn King Khan The Infinite Ones
Famine Asylum Nothing The Great Dismal
Big Soul John Lee Shannon In & Of
Icarus Gold Connections Popular Fiction
Interview with Gold Connections
Iowa City Gold Connections Iowa City
Title Artist Album
Box Elder The Wedding Present Bizarro
Lonely Heather The Nude Party Midnight Manor
My Arms Don't Bend That Way, Damn It! Let's Wrestle In the Court of the Wrestling Let's
Non-Alignment Pact Pere Ubu The Modern Dance
Alice and Friends Box Elders Alice and Friends
Caffeine & Nicotine ZOMBIE-CHANG Take Me Away from Tokyo
Hangouts Slug, Chucky Blk & Noe Mina Loot Takers
Protect U (feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry) Maral Push
Cumbia Del Valle (feat. Mauro Abogánster) Bosq Y Su Descarga Internacional
Box of Truth (When I Picture You) Wishbone Wishbone
Shoot the Singer Saloon
Home Bardo Pond
Box Elder Fonda 500
Summer Babe Julie's Haircut
Frontwards Appendix Out
Feed Them To The (Linden) Lions Micevice
Trigger Cut El goodo
Here Number One Cup
Title Artist Album
Wrong Archers of Loaf Icky Mettle
A Good Man is Easy to Kill Beulah The Coast is Never Clear
Temporary Arm Elf Power Vanity Clutching at Phantom Limbs
Here She Comes Now Galaxie 500 Copenhagen
Fear Absinthe Father Soften
American Dipper North Americans Roped In
Range Life Future Pilots AKA vs Colditz -
Say the Name clipping. Visions of Bodies Being Burned
Bsslama Hbibti Fadoul Habibi Funk: An Eclectic Selection of Music from the Arab World
Asamade Matenai: I Can't Wait The Mops Psychadelic Sounds in Japan
Rom Jongvak Twist (Dance Twist) Pan Ron Cambodian Rocks
We Arm Ourselves with Clairvoyance Richard Shirk With Clairvoyance
Garden 8BIT WIZARD Wake Up
Homing Loma Don't Shy Away
Title Artist Album
Snowfall The Halo Benders God Don't Make No Junk
Empty Bottles Glasshealer Cranberry Stream
Sweet Little Hi-Fi Pussy Galore Sugarshit Sharp
Tummy Ache Hotmom Mannequin Factory
Delta 70 of Hearts Royal Trux Hey Drag City
Dessert Island Surfer Blood Carefree Theatre
Polyurethane Lomelda Hannah
Enough Paddlefish Flyer
Lander Sports Team Deep Down Happy
Dang The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Orange
I'm Hurtin Cedric Burnside Benton County Relic
Green Onions Jack O' Fire Forever
Argos Farfish Sharhabil Ahmed The King of Sudanese Jazz (Habibi Funk 013)
Kings and Queens Makaya McCraven Universal Beings E&F Sides
3E Mars New York Noise
Lesson No. 1 for Electric Guitar Glenn Branca Lesson No. 1
Title Artist Album
My Boy (Twin Fantasy) Land Shut Portrait of the Artist by Artists
No Ceiling METZ Atlas Vending
Unnatural Disaster Cut Worms Nobody Lives Here Anymore
Politicians In My Eyes Death ...For the Whole World to See
Idaho Slow Pulp Moveys
Chapter 8 "Seashore and Horizon" Cornelius Fantasma
In the Midnight Hour The Chocolate Watchband No Way Out
Gimme Some Lovin' The Savage Slitherama - Psychadelic Tokyo 1966-1969
Black Woman Sonny Sharrock Black Woman
Sky Tour Dream Wave In This Life or Another
Deliverance Pool Holograph Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat
Sex Beat The Gun Club Fire of Love
I Wanna Destroy You The Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight
Untitled The Dead Center Solitude
Soccer (Summer 1988) The Good Ones Soccer (Summer 1988) - Single
What does OUJ stand for Will Barnes -
Title Artist Album
The Battle of Electricity The Gerbils The Battle of Electricity
Eyeballs A. Savage Thawing Dawn
The Days of Wine and Roses The Dream Sydicate The Days of Wine and Roses
I Felt Like a Gringo Minutemen Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat
Fire Ball Red Guitar Wolf UFO Romantics
International Rescue Swell Maps International Rescue
Crazy Rhythms The Feelies Crazy Rhythms
I'm a Mess Big Black Bulldozer
Palm Sunday Star Parks The New Sounds of Late Capitalism
Whatever Double Grave Goodbye, Nowhere!
Pictures on My Wall Jackson Baker Dan Drops Out of High School
Dogma BOYO Where Have All My Friends Gone?
Small Business Marlowe Marlowe 2
Special Agen Conrad Uno Man or Astro-Man? Your Weight On the Moon
Lighter Light Fire Dept. Elpee for Another Time
Title Artist Album
Hands In My Pockets Mirrors Hands In My Pockets
Revolution Spacemen 3 Playing With Fire
Touch Me I'm Sick Mudhoney Superfuzz Bigmuff
Chromo-Zone Gee Tee Chromo-Zone
Fifteen Minutes Mike Krol I Hate Jazz
My Head Times New Viking Rip It Off
Acid Jockstrap Wicked City
Weight LEYA Flood Dream
My City Chucky Blk Late Summer // Early Fall
Bones in the Ground The Cairo Gang The Cairo Gang
Go The Apples in Stereo The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone
Everybody's Movin' Albert Ayler New Grass
Take Five Hound Dog Taylor Natural Boogie
I'm On This Rocket Tav Falco Panther Burns Hip Flask
Psalm 18 Even Oxen The Goat Lamb of God
Mena Suvari Argo Nuff Haditha
The Night Collectors Les Rallizes Denudes Heavier Than A Death In The Family
Title Artist Album
Secrets Mission of Burma Vs.
Turns Blue Naked Giants The Shadow
Give/Take Porridge Radio Every Bad
Kaleidoscope (Live) Ringo Deathstarr Levitation Sessions
She's a Girl The Amps Pacer
Bad Junu Jasper Lotti XOskeleton
Clean Ya Nerves (Cleopatra) Dos Monos Dos City
Amber's Knees: A Matter of... Girl Friday Androgynous Mary
Blood Turns Cold Bloody Knives I Will Cut Your Heart out for This
Blues Run the Game Jackson C. Frank Jackson C. Frank
Flying Saucer newtie The Texarkana Séance
Ghost Ship in a Storm Jim O'Rourke Eureka
Forgot My Mantra The Saxophones Eternity Bay
Supple hemlock Seattle
Pathworn Naked Days Sleeping in Herndon
Gray Eyes Nervous Young Men Fangface
Speaking Spanish American Holly Four Way to Say Goodbye Forever
Kachina Doll TEENAGE COOL KIDS Denton After Sunset
Title Artist Album
Love Athena The Olivia Tremor Control Presents: Singles and Beyond
Jawbone and the Air-Rifle The Fall Hex Enduction Hour
Life Is Sweet Westelaken Westelaken
Hazy Quiet Light Quiet Light
Tchau Anjinho Buzzed Lightbeer Hell
Texas [Live] Fat Tony Live at No Audience
Pitch 'n Itch (feat. Fat Tony) Haruka Salt Haruka Mart
What's Inside a Girl Daughters Really Bad Music for Really Bad People
Bmbmbm black midi Schlagenheim
Human Condition Street Nights Human Condition
leaving prison dumama + kechou buffering juju
I Thought Wrong Holly Golightly The Main Attraction
My Sputnik Sweetheart Weatherday Come In
Title Artist Album
Blank Generation Richard Hell & The Voidoids Blank Generation
The Hierophant XETAS The Cypher
March of the Hoopleheads Davey Harms World War
Nag Nag Nag (R.H. Kirk #4 Remix) Cabaret Voltair Nag Nag Nag
Hammer Jackson Reid Briggs & the Heaters Hammered
Mansplain THICK 5 Years Behind
Lord, I Feel Just Like Goin' On Reverend Gary Davis Harlem Street Singer
Down By the Riverside Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee The Best of Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry
I'm Going to Meet My Loving Mother Jesse Fuller Jazz, Folk Songs, Spirituals, & Blues
Someday Baby Sleepy John Estes The Legend of Sleepy John Estes
Cocaine Abner Jay One Man Band
God's Got It Reverend Charlie Jackson God's Got It
Jack O' Diamonds Odetta Sings Ballads & Blues
I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes The Carter Family The Essential Carter Family
Title Artist Album
How to Rent a Room Silver Jews The Natural Bridge
War Dance No Age Goons Be Gone
Shake Some Action Flamin' Groovies Shake Some Action
Butterfly Collector A.R. Kane Lollita
D>E>a>T>H>M>E>T>a>L Panchiko D>E>a>T>H>M>E>T>a>L
Part Time Punks Television Personalities Part Time Punks 7"
Billy Two The Clean Compilation
Somethings Gotta Give Crack Cloud Pain Olympics
Apart Dehd Flower of Devotion
Disposable Public Practice Gentle Grip
Optimo Liquid Liquid Optimo
Look Backward on Your Future, Look Forward to Your Past Bonnie "Prince" Billy I Made a Place
Primitive Priest Blood Why Wait Till '55, We Might Not Even Be Alive
Big Cheeseburgers & Good French Fries Blaze Foley Sittin' by the Road
Back to Manhattan Jeffrey Lewis Manhattan
Title Artist Album
Trains Across the Sea Silver Jews Starlite Walker
Flash Gauche A People's History of Gauche
Wicked Light Sleeper The Joggers With a Cape and a Cane
Eyeballs A. Savage Thawing Dawn
I'm So Depressed Abner Jay One Man Band
Guzzle Gasoline Timmy's Organism Survival of the Fiendish
Head-Squeeze Hooveriii Hooveriii
Double Vision The Ponys Turn the Lights Out
Slow Boat to China Blaze Foley Sittin' By the Road
Company Fran A Private Picture
Takount Tinariwen Amadjar
I Don't Want to be Alone Green Buzzard Amidst the Clutter and Mess
Flight of Garuda Daikaiju Phase 2
Topographe Corridor Junior
Going to Acapulco (Live) The Crust Brothers Marquee Moon


Title Artist Album
The Farmer The Good Ones RWANDA, You Should Be Loved
Cold Weather Clothes Silvan Shine Wet Blankets & Wallflowers
Days Ind The Channel Multigoods & Services
In the Spirit World Now Ceremony In the Spirit World Now
Kowareteshimatta Ichinichi Masato Tomobe Lion No Iru Basho
Tokyo Sanbika Shoukichi Kina and Champloose Shoukichi Kina and Champloose: Compilation
Asamade Matenai: I Can't Wait The Mops Psycadelic Sounds in Japan
Oh Freedom Ulysses Owens Jr. Songs of Freedom
My Arms Don't Bend that Way, Damn It! Let's Wrestle In the Court of the Wrestle Let's
Sad Old Man The Lonesome Billies Right on Time
10 Million Kids Negative Scanner Nose Picker
Feels Like Love Chrysta Bell Feels Like Love
Reputation The C.I.A. The C.I.A.
Voices Merciful Heavens Voices
Sugar Daddy Nick Adamo Sugar Daddy - Single
Lite. Sea Moya Lite.
Pursuit of Momentary Happiness Yak Pursuit of Momentary Happiness
Title Artist Album
Are You Underwater? The Gerbils The Battle of Electricity
Olivia Go Feaver Daydream Hawker
Rat Trap The Schizophonics Ooga Booga
Ankles Weeping Icon Weeping Icon
Smoke You Right Out of Here David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights Bobbie's a Girl
Hikari No Hou E Kaneko Anayo Sansan
Cat Scratched Mind Gold Leather Shared XP
Space Invaders / Human Midnite Snaxxx Chew on This
Future Blues Ray Barbee Tiara for Computer
Make Time 4 Love The Goon Sax We're Not Talking
Goodbye Texas Flat Worms Flat Worms
Zip-up Boots Cherubs Short of Popular
Crossing The Naked Tungs Distract Myself
No Cars Go A Giant Dog Neon Bible
Lesson No. 1 for Electric Guitar Glenn Branca Lesson No. 1
Title Artist Album
What Would the Odd Do? Guerilla Toss What Would the Odd Do?
Shiny New Model BODEGA Shiny New Model
Dear David The Zoltars Telling Stories
There's Only One of Us A Place to Bury Strangers Pinned
びしょぬれの君 LSD March 君の歌を聴いて僕は悪魔になった
Lady Shoes The Jesus Lizard Goat
Pity Street The Bean Pickers Union Archaeology
Lazer Queue Queue Fang and Claw
For Each, A Flower The Nels Cline 4 Currents, Constellations
Yesterday's World Circulatory System Circulatory System
Work Frankie and the Witch Fingers ZAM
American Convertable The Stools When I Left
LPs Jeffrey Lewis and the Voltage Bad Wiring
Funky Was the State of Affairs Fergus & Geronimo Funky Was the State of Affairs
The Coda Shing02 ASDR
Wild Dehd Water
Twin Cities The Gotobeds Debt Begins at 30
All Jets are Gonna Fall Today Chocolate U.S.A. All Jets are Gonna Fall Today
Title Artist Album
Dead / Alien Naked Giants Sluff
Killing Time GOGGS Pre Strike Sweep
Shelter Mikal Cronin Seeker
I Hate (Your Face) Epsilons Killed 'Em Deader 'n a Six Card Poker Hand
Buzzards on the Breeze RF Shannon Rain on Dust
Panam Rare Dm Vanta Black
God's Got It Reverend Charlie Jackson God's Got It
O Platitudes! Bill Orcutt Solo Acoustic, Vol. 10
Human Marle Sarlé Karaoke Angel
Cut it Close Stunts Stunts on Tape
Shear Club Night Hell Ya
The Opera House The Olivia Tremor Control Dusk at Cubist's Castle
Every Time the Feeling Nap Eyes I'm Bad Now
Letter from Overend Lunchbox Summer's Over
Half Full Heavy Lungs Measure
I Wanna Destroy You The Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight

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