Crying in the Club

Every Friday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

I've never even been to the club but I'm playing you a bunch of dance music I'd imagine you could possibly hear in the club

Title Artist Album
50 Euro to Break Boost Skee Mask
Housemeister BODYMVS1K
No Energy Vamp Killd By
Title Artist Album
Shalamar James Pepper Shalamar
Feel it in the Evening (VONDA7 'Feels It' Remix) 9th House Feel it in the Evening
Split from self Dylan Cameron Split from self
Warp Room Solid Blake Warp Room
Impetus Bonaventure Mentor
Transpirits [Mirror Zone] DJ Ungel Transpirits
Re-Adapt M.S.L. Re-Adapt
The Friendly Coroner Extrawelt Fear of an Extra Planet
Good Vibrations Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa Good Vibrations
Title Artist Album
La Belle Tom Jay PNP 003
Hold Me (T4T Embrace Mix) Eris Drew Devotion EP
Beam Me Up (Goddess Mix) Octo Octa Devotion EP
Heat 1 Shinichi Atobe Heat
Gush Shygirl Gush
Earth 2 Precipitation Earth / Sky
Time Echo ft. The Hacker Jensen Interceptor Mother
Dot in the Sky Drab Majesty The Demonstration

Discwoman and adjacent artists


 -- Btw the tracks on the last Volvox mix are: Hoshina Anniversary - Broken Mo + Burses - Canini (Dreems Remix)


Title Artist Album
For My Girls Octo Octa For My Girls
Gush Shygirl Gush
VIVA BEARCAT Physically Sick 2
Cut Me Up x Ronin Serena Jara Cut Me Up
WeGoinShowUHowWeParty TYGAPAW WeGoinShowUHowWeParty
Wingless Victory UMFANG Symbolic Use of Light
Hundred Flowers Groove Ciel Hundred Flowers
Forest Coloss (Kablam Remix) Mobilegirl Poise
Insuline Levels Bergsonist ث
/xuːx/ Ziúr /xuːx/
NTS Volvox NTS


Title Artist Album
Where's Your Child Bam Bam Where's Your Child
Phylyps Trak Ii/I Basic Channel Phylyps Trak Ii/I
Pace Yourself Karenn Aphelion
The Rights of Artificial Life Form Clouds Ghost Systems Rave
Submerged Δkkord Submerged
Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage? Blawan His He She & She
Hail The Whale (Original) Extrawelt Blackout
Midnite Jensen Interceptor Zone 32: Midnite
22h39 (Spitzer Remix) Danger, Spitzer EOS.MMX - The Summer Solstice (Third Edition)
The Bells Jeff Mills Blue Potential
Haunted House (Black Acid Mix) DaDa NaDa Haunted House
Year Of The Apocalypse Jimi Tenor Year Of The Apocalypse
Title Artist Album
Fog Kingdom "That Mystic" EP
Monuman Inspected The Polychoral EP
Special Re: Quest Daedelus Labyrinths
Midnight Clock (feat. BOSCO) OBESØN Midnight Clock (feat. BOSCO)
Black Hole Party Thousand Foot Whale Claw Black Hole Party
Cosmic Ocean Jake Schrock Tropical Depression
No 33.1 The Game's Ouverture Terron Whities 003
Saika cight Architecture EP
The Frontier Avalon Emerson Whities 006
Pop 1 GAS Pop
Dreamcatcher Sorsari Sacred EP

it's F R I D A Y night again let's cry

Title Artist Album
Gold (feat. Hairy Hands & Peter Lyon) Slugabed Inherit The Earth
On My Own - Original Mix Neutralize On My Own
Orange Evening DWIG Big Tales
Laguna - Radio Edit Krakota, Urbandawn Laguna
The Frontier Avalon Emerson Whities 006
Applauded Assumptions Prefuse 73 Rivington Não Rio
Fogs Kingdom That Mystic EP
Hold Me (T4T Embrace Mix) Iris Drew & Octo Octa Devotion EP
If You Want Monuman The Polychoral EP
Levitation Station Jake Shrock Holodeck Vision One
Aurora Centralis 747 Aurora Centralis EP
Deep In Your Heart Prime Minister of Doom Mudshadow Propaganda

The first half of tonight is techno and jungle some friends showed me these last few weeks and then the second half of the show (starting at the Samantha Glass track) is Holodeck Records artists.


and I still haven't been to the club :/

Title Artist Album
For My Girls Octo Octa For My Girls
Vapour Slam Soma Track Series Vol. 5
Deep In Your Heart Prime Minister of Doom Mudshadow Propaganda
That`s the Thing Lewie Day Colours of Deep House, Vol. 05 (High Class Deep-House Anthems)
Maybe Kettenkarussell Maybe
Lost Along The Way Samantha Glass Mysteries From The Palomino Skyliner
Wave Refraction Sungod Wave Refraction
Freaksnake BOAN Mentiras
Sea Bering Bill Converse Meditations / Industry
Loop - Original Mix LFO, F.U.S.E. Loop

Big DJ Best is subbing in for DJ Bella Goth!

Chill Atmospheric and D&B tunes.

Title Artist Album
Maybe KettenKarussell INSEL
I'll Be There Baraka I'll Be There/Nutty Bass
Deep Love Dillinja & Mystery
Blue Envelope Ofunwa A Tone Colour Of Onirico
Nautilus Shogun/Artemis Nautilus EP
Southside (Riffin Mix) Dillinja Single
A Million & One Baraka & Master Laquar One Against One
Back in the Days (Sexy Ladys Mix) Urban Jungle
No Musik DJ Ron
That's The Thing (Original Mix) Lewie Day That's The Thing EP
Audio Trip Dreamatic
Something Wonderful (1993) The Arc Skinjobs EP

Alternating between bops and bangers this week plus a Octo Octa's new jungle track I didn't realize came out a month ago

Title Artist Album
For My Girls Octo Octa For My Girls
Face Love Anew - Jason Kendig Remix Stereogamous, Shaun J. Wright Face Love Anew (feat. Shaun J. Wright)
Waterfalls in Ocho Rios Equiknoxx Colón Man
Laguna - Radio Edit Krakota, Urbandawn Laguna
Blind - Citylights Remix The M Machine, Luisa Gerstein, Citylights Blind (Citylights Remix)
The Workers Are on Strike Karen Gwyer Rembo
I'l Bring You Flowers Prisoners Of Base I'm in the dance dungeon
Aqua Pura MISOGI Barcelona / Aqua Pura
Hylo Oly NAAFI 2.0
Silent Cry No Mana 13UP
Caibu SCB Caibu
Not A Love Song - Morgan Page Remix Uh Huh Her Common Reaction
Wild It's Broken - Unreleased version Bob Chance Wild, It's Broken
techno and house tonight
Title Artist Album
Fogs Kingdom That Mystic EP
If You Want Inspected Monuman
Dream Machine Robert Babicz R. BABICZ
Applauded Assumptions PREFUSE 73 Applauded Assumptions
The Shy Pional Invisible / Amenaza
Unknown Desire (Fragments) Iodemann Unknown Desire
Theme from Q Objekt Objekt #4
Peak Magnetic Clark Peak Magnetic
Axolotl doon kanda Heart EP
Landing Bill Converse Hulled
Country Clonk - Remix Lindstrom Coutnry Clonk
Title Artist Album
Mugged - Original Mix Joris Vroon Nobody Knows
Dance Church Maui Mix Bass Nymph Dance Church Maui Mix
Ouled el Houma Loco Dice Love Letters
Fearing Love - Jamie Jones & Lee Foss Remix Serge Devant Fearing Love
Life Is Like A Circle Derrick Carter A Red Nail Relic
Pull the Plug (Original Mix) Audio Mekanic Pull the Plug
Searching Klockworks 05 DVS1
When I Get Older Drift Monoloc
The End Is Nigh Orbital The End Is Nigh
Solace Pan-Pot Solace
Graphic Troller Graphic
Jamie and Selda Acid Pauli Jamie and Selda
First show of the semester! Playing some of my favorite tracks from this summer.
Title Artist Album
Metropolis Kornel Kovacs Metropolis
Video Track Lipelis I Only Did These For Myself, But Now It's For Ever
Waterzone Jessue Futerman Waterzone
Marfa Lights Ashtar Lavanda Unsolved Mysteries
OTT Anthony Naples OTT / ZTL
Luna doon kanda Luna EP
Reyes del Barrio Kirkor Kouchian Pacific Alley
Orchestration - Original Mix Mbulelo The Robotic People EP
Still Hope - Waajeed's Detroit Hardcore Dub Secretsundaze Still Hope feat. Anthony Anaxagorou
Highway 1 - (Earth Boys Remix) Earth Boys Trail Remix
String Theory (Original Mix) Mandar String Theory

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