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No mix this week. We are playing lots of different genres tonight uwu

Here's the playlist:

Title Artist Album
Futuristic Gqom Emo Kid Gqomtera EP
Uyang'khumbula Faka Amaqhawe
Intenso DJ Firmeza Ardeu
Jarana y Tundete Dengue Dengue Dengue Zenit & Nadir
Sarayacu Shushupe Taricaya Ep
Ffjgh Dub - Mr.Zebre Remix Pangolin SoundSystem, Mr.Zebre Rmxs
Deseo Orieta Chrem, Mambo Punk Deseo
鮮紅 Scarlet JADE EYES 迷戀 ADDICT
Are you leaving SASSY 009 Are You Leaving
Inhale Exhale Anna Meredith FIBS
B.A.C.K Girl Unit Song Feel
Pocky Boy yeule Serotonin II
Under the Bridge (Only Pretty People Can Hear This Song) Bermuda Under the Bridge (Only Pretty People Can Hear This Song)
Alice Madge Fight or Flight Club
Lorem Ipsum (Arctic Anthem) Anamanaguchi [USA]
Beautiful A. G. Cook PC Music, Vol. 1

Sub sitting in!

Check out the playlist here!

Title Artist Album
Vaporwave Headache USA/Mexico Matamoros
Circles Cults Percussion Ensemble Cults Percussion Ensemble
Cut It Close stunts Stunts On Tape
Coward's Way Lowlife Permanent Sleep/Rain
Talking with Gawd Potatohead People Nick & Astro's Guide to the Galaxy
Sa Ra Vivian Sessoms Life II
Identical to Nothing Bill Converse Hallways
Plasticland Girls Under Glass Flowers
What Would the Odd Do? Guerilla Toss What Would the Odd Do?
Queen B Marine Research Sounds From the Gulf Stream
Doce Violeta Winter & Triptides, Winter, Triptides Estrela Mágica
But I'm Different Les Rallizes Dénudés Cable Hogue Soundtrack
(All You Find Is) Air Even As We Speak Gaol Ferry Bridge: A Sarah Records Compilation
Francisca's Theme Charlie Alex March Home/Hidden
Eternal Life Shira Small Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From the Canyon
Goodbye Misophone Be Glad You Are Only Human

H̠̳͉̫̗̜̓̂̀͌́̊̇̃͢ͅa̸̧̙̝̗̱̎͗͐̈́͆͟͟͞p͔̰͉̤̬͎̟̎́̀̈́̄̚͟͞͡p̢̡͙͇̻͌̀̈͌͒͑͢͢͡y̵͚͕͈͈͇͉̘̣̽̔̈́̽͘͟͟ Ḥ̷̡̯̝̳͚͇̅͛̓̐̄̑̈a͎͈̜͔̮̺̼̳͚̔̇̀͛̃̌̕͟ḽ̶̛͈͈̞̳̀͑̊̒̑̒͟͞͝l̷̡̜̜͈̮̽̒̓̾͞͝͝ơ̡̫̦̻̫̩̯̬͐̿̃̀̏̾͘͠͠ẅ̸̡̙͉̯̟́̓̀͗͊̀͟͠ę̷̝̮̭̺́͛̍͘̕e̷̢̛͇͇͕͍̝̽͑̀̓͆̀̄̕ͅň̡̪͔͎̫̀̎͑͋́̉̉͘

Title Artist Album
Why They Hide the Bodies Under My Garage? Blawan Why They Hide the Bodies Under My Garage?
Icy Lake (Original Arena Mix) Dat Oven Icy Lake
I Wanna Go Bang Bjarki Arthur an the Intergalactic Whales
Look What Your Love Has Done to Me Perc, Gazelle Twin Bitter Music
Drain This Lord SHXCXCHCXSH Linear S Decoded
Glza Gatekeeper Giza
Spider Silk Lakker Spider Silk
Binary Mauser The Vault
Pace Yourself Karenn Aphelion
A Murder of Crows (Part 1) Barker & Baumecker A Murder of Crows
Amber Decay Kangding Ray Solens Arc

fast drums and noise

some dubstep

beyonce remix

Soundcloud playlist :)

Title Artist Album
LET CHOKE Yantan Ministry
Noche Totem Abssys, Lila Tirando a Violeta
Upgrade SUB-Human
EMBOSS ONANON Yantan Ministry
YE SLOW boygirl
dog food 100 gecs
Trauma 初始厄运 Dirty K
IN MY TALONS - Bey in E-minor AMEN


Title Artist Album
The Shape of Trance to Come Lorenzo Senni
Remember When (Extended Mix) Alex Klingle Remember When
Winter Aril Brikha GU Mixed
Two Billion Light-Years of Silence Jun Kimata
It Happens Suddenly Kaito Trust
Aura Bicep Bicep
Booya (Extended Mix) Ruben De Ronde, Rodg Booya
IDL (Thy Slaughter Remix) Life Sim
Korean BBQ Nomak Weight Loss Program EP
The Traveller Nthng The Traveller
PPK Resurrection
Title Artist Album
Wir Kinder Vom Bahnof Strom T.raumschmiere Radio Blackout
Digger Mx Alden Tyrell Digger
Birds of Prey Architeq Gold + Green WEB
Almost Time Starkey Local Headlines
Korean BBQ Nomak Weight Loss Program EP
Sendak Asusu Hallucinator / Sendak
Pista 04 Desconocido Desconocido
Forwards Backwards Cristian Vogel Body Mapping
Legowelt Experiential Awakening Crystal Cult 2080
Too Much Heaven Devolution
Sofware Project Pablo

90s acid bleep bloop

Title Artist Album
Ecstasy Motherfucker Kid606 Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You
Nostep Christoph de Babalon If You're Not Into It, I'm Out of It
Hey Ho! Lords of Acid Lust
The Sexual Deviant Blake Baxter
The Message Tribal Ghost OVERDRIVE 001
Star (Red Jerry Mix) Utah Saints
Wanna Go Bang Protein Boy
Speed Freak Acrid Abeyance, Jürgen Driessen Bon Appetit
It's Our Future AWeX
Backtired Robotnico

Instead of a mix this week we're diving into some of the best experimental pop and rap from the last couple of years. Standouts, imo, are Dorian Electra, 100 gecs, umru and Quay Dash. With this new generation of pop artists it's hard to ignore the influences coming from PC Music and glitch. Spotify playlist here!

Title Artist Album
Man To Man Dorian Electra Flamboyant
Musical Genius Dorian Electra Flamboyant
BFF Slayyyter, Ayesha Erotica BFF
money machine 100 gecs, Dylan Brady, Laura Les 1000 gecs
popular umru, Laura Les search result
Korean BBQ Nömak Weight Loss Program EP
Monopoly EASYFUN, Noonie Bao Monopoly
Blindfold That Kid Blindfold
Do The Runaround ABSRDST, Cube Panda Do The Runaround
A Man Can’t Know What It’s Like To Be A Mother Jim-E Stack A Man Can’t Know What It’s Like To Be A Mother
Fábula Rubio Pez
Decline Him Quay Dash Transphobic
Gon Blow (feat. Rye Rye) Cakes da Killa Hedonism
FALDAE Baseck Energy Morph
Eternal Holly Herndon PROTO


Title Artist Album
Try My Love (Banana Republic Vocal Vibe) Shauna Davis Try My Love
Just Fine Kieron.S
Angel of Bliss Christopher Boscole Presents of Angels
Deep Inside Hardrive
Pure Sex E.S.T. Keep Coming
Step To It Everton Brown
Just Gets Better (Tjr Dub) Tjr ft Xavier
Much Love (Dream Team Mix) Shola Ama
Give It Up Selena, X-Men
Speed Garage (Rudeboy Mix) Orignal Nutter Oi! Nutter!
Teardrops (Serious Danger Remix) Lovestation
Gabriel (Live Garage Version) Roy Davis Jr

The first show of the fall semester - I truly went far and wide in this mix for your varied listening pleasure

Title Artist Album
Spin Girl Let's Activate! Octo Octa Resonant Body
Alicia Mala Alicia
Miura Metro Area Metro Area
Selfless State So Inagawa Logo Queen EP
French Connection (Original Mix) Busta Funk Funky Flava / French Connection
Skin Rat Big Yawn Skin Rat / Thomas
See You in Snow (Original Mix) Eris Drew Needs 006
The Friendly Coroner Extrawelt Fear of an Extra Planet
Parsec Freak Electrique P.H.A.S.E.R.
dumb pics Laura Les i just dont wanna name it anything with ‘beach’ in the title
Title Artist Album
Live Mix DJ Bella Goth and Karl Weizer Hot Mix 2
Miami Tommy Genesis Tommy
2nd Limit Cleric
Maybe Kettenkarussell
Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) not Adele
That's the Thing Lewie Day
I'll Be There Baraka
Pulse Mode Gene on Earth
Thirstin Jack J
Pink Footpath Loui$
False Start Liu Chang
Isla Margarita Sunny Lax
The Vibe DJ Bone

1st hour: 2000s club hits interspersed with some 90s

Title Artist Album
Remind Me BCee
Something Happened on the Way (Valentin Club Mix) D. Cox
Sexual (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix) Amber
Never Gonna Come Back Down BT
If I Were You Candee Jay
Put Em High Stonebridge
Sing Oh! Marvellous Melodicus
Tonite ft. L'Renee (Detroit Mix) Aaron 'Fit' Siegal, Omar S
Do You Feel Me (Victor Simonelli) NYs Finest
Ones rAHHH
Forest Coloss mobilegirl
Confidence Raye (Preditah remix)
Ripe DJ Haram
Rude & Deadly Lightnin & Tunda
All Night John B
The Nine Bad Company

We interviewed Atefeh and Aaron from Shared Frequencies (, a new independent radio station in Austin that highlights the city's electronic/DJ scene. We talked about their work, as well as the growing DIY  electronic scene in town. In between talk breaks Aaron and Mariana played spun ambient and techno records. The full interview will be up on the KVRX YouTube soon once we get it edited!

Sub filing in for DJ Bella Goth! Playing some of my favorite rock songs that range under the "alternative" umbrella.

You can listen to the playlist here:

Title Artist Album
Loose Gun thanks. Loose Gun
Bruce Lee Movie PALMSY Lost in a Cardboard Box
Be Afraid So Much Light Be Afraid
Lately I Haven't Been Sleeping Spirit Club Slouch
Ra Ra Etc. Me Like Bees The Ides
Purple Deal Casino Deal Casino
Hey You PARTYBABY The Golden Age of Bullshit
Happy Haunting Rare Monk A Future
Basement Ghost Made Violent Basement Ghost
Pressed 2 Death illuminati hotties Kiss Yr Frenemies
Jetlag Jenny 45ACIDBABIES Jetlag Jenny
Like Everything On Drugs Uckhole Futah
False Jeopardy The Kickback Weddings & Funerals
Witches Good Kid Witches
Ramen Waitress High Sunn Hopeless Romantic EP
Love Girl Cannibal Kids Love Girl

First hour subbed by continuous random field and patrick.....future ambient dub minimal tech house

Title Artist Album
Net Ulla Straus Big Room
Escape World Dub Carly Barton Dub Substitution
Wetwork Dame Cook SFPL
In The Place I Sit Loidis A Parade, In The Place I Sit, The Floating World (& All Its Pleasures)
Remake (Basic Reshape) Basic Channel BCD
Maglev DeepChord Presents Echospace Liumin
Untitled 2 Convextion R​-​CNVX1
A1 Ghostride The Drift Ghostride The Drift

uk garage and dubstep

Title Artist Album
Live mix Hot Mix 2

Listen to this week's playlist here!

Title Artist Album
Out of My Life kate brackley
Brandy & Coke DJ Q
Pepperstep Orazio Fantini
X.2.C. Yoush (Anthill Mob)
Berry Black - I think I Am In love (2000) - UK Garage kate brackley
Neighbourhood (Original Mix) Zed Bias
UKG - Sunship - Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It) - A (This Side) kate brackley
Hold On (SE22 Mix) Colours
Title Artist Album
Shake Dat Butt DJ Deeon
Freaky Ride DJ Slugo
Rollin Through Time Erik Travis
Pump on the Floor Jammin Gerald
Where Dey At MC Tucker
NO UFOs Model 500
Update (Version UR) Model 600
Hot Potato Style Nicky Da B
NO Block Party Partners N Crime
Timeline Underground Resistance

if you missed it check out these tracks

Zongamin - Tunnel Music

Plaid - Oi

Djrum - Sex 


Title Artist Album
I was go to marroco and I don't see you diskJokke Staying in
Feel 3 Liquid
Let's Bounce Jeremy Sylvestor Lost Tapes
50 Euro to Break Boost Skee Mask Compro
The Shy Pional Invisible / Amenaza
Personal Slave Honey Dijon The Best of both worlds
Isla Margarita Sunny Lax
Time Echo Jensen Interceptor Mother
My Mine - Hypnotic Tango (Tony Belony Edit) Tony Belony
Sex Djrum Portrait with Firewood
Grow Exos & Octal
Oi Plaid
Fancy Footwork Chromeo
Truth Goldie
Ambroxitil Shedbug
Careless Blawan Wet will always dry
give a little love Nookie
Hell is Other Robots Bwana
Tunnel Music Zongamin
Ciquri Material
Don't Speak (No Doubt remix) DJ Fierce
Groove la Chord Aril Brikha
Loop One Shanti Celeste

throwing it back to the big D...... ghettotech set

Title Artist Album
Hold Up Mix (DJ Chip Jammin G) DJ Funk
Bomb 96 (Hood Mix) DJ Deeon
Clap Yo Hands (TNT Original Mix) Fabio Tosti
Goin' Back to Kali DJ Assault
I'm a Hoe DJ Assault
Hold Up Jammin G
Bump Talkin Paul Johnson
Just in Case (Dub-A-Holic Roller Revival Mix) Jaheim
Na Na Na DJ Nehpets
Bomba De Tiempo Alexis & Fido
Velocity Ludwig AF Rohrscheid
High Freddie Gibbs
Fancy Footwork Chromeo
Every Freaking Night DJ Funk
Wouldn't You Like to be a Hoe Too (Original Mix) DJ Slugo
Ritumba DJ Pippi
Bounce DJ Clent
Keys to the Whip Disco D
Back up Off Me Master P
Groove La Chord Aril Brikha
Pure Garage The Streets
Footworkin on Air Traxman
Title Artist Album
50 Euro to Break Boost Skee Mask
Title Artist Album
I See U DJ Seinfeld
Polygon Pink Toast Bjarki
Licking an Orchid Yves Tumor
Let me be me The Other People place
Experiential Awakening Legowelt
I Say Uuuah DJ Assult
Shake a lil Faster Detroit in effect
4 Club Use only Delroy Edwards
Dam Dammerung Von Nanotech Der Zylkus
Elegant, and never tiring Lorenzo Senni
100 Bad Tommy Genesis
On the Sly Vango Noir
Title Artist Album
A Jealous Heart Never Rests The Black Madonna
Seduction Ron Trent
Together Forever (1990 Club Remix) Lisette Melendez
To Be Real (remix) Ladycop
Cloud 9 Violet Togetherness
Typeless DJ Seinfeld DJ-Kicks Comp
Too Much Heaven Devolution
Deep In Your Heart Prime Minister of Doom
Liquid Love Roy Ayers
Pink Footpath Loui$
Hypnotic Tango (Tony Belony Edit) My Mine
Time to Move Carmen
You've Got to Have Freedom Uptown Funk Empire
Risky Bizznizz Doug Willis
No More Talking Tiger & Woods
Drop It Like it's a Whole Lotta Love (2008 remix) Party Ben
New Kind of Medicine Studio Group / Ultra Nate
Laying on the Sofa Isabelle Antena
A Quiet Place to Live Lindstrom
The Shy (Original Mix) Pional

Jungle + DnB

Title Artist Album
Life is Like a Circle Derrick Carter A Red Nail Relic
Drowning in Her 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
A Million One Baraka/Master Lacquar
I'll Be There Baraka
Represent DJ Peshay
Mo Musik (African Chant) DJ Ron
Audio Trip Dreamatic
Hurt You So Johny L
Thats the Thing Lewie Day
Give a Little Love Nookie
Blue Envelope Oneiric
Artemis Nautilus Shogun
White Shadows Slam
The House Crew Euphoria
Back in the Days (Sexy Ladys Mix) Urban Jungle
On the Sly Vango Noir

House Music


Title Artist Album
Emotions 707 Boyz
French Connection Busta Funk
Montparnasse Floating Points
Vacuum Boogie Floating Points
The Whistle Song Frankie Knuckles
Need You Octo Octa
On and On Jesse Saunders
I Can't Turn Around JM Silk
Hyph Mngo Joy Orbison
Maybe Kettenkarussell
That's the Thing (original mix) Lewie Day
Heard it Madcat
Bring Down the Walls Robert Owens
Title Artist Album
Spend the Night (H Mans groove dub) Danny J Lewis Spend the Night
Lets Bounce (2-Step Mix) Jeremy Sylvester Lost Tapes, Vol. 3
Watch Ya Bass Bins G.O.D. Watch Ya Bass Bins
I Like It Jeremy Sylvester I Like It
Hold Your Head Up High (Julian Jonah's Bad Boy mix) Boris Dlugosch honestly
Love Somebody's Trigger Finger 49 South these
All Massive (Tail Spin Massive Mix) Tail Spin dont
Do Ya (Great Bass Mix) Roger Ruff have
Mind Body and Soul (4x4 Mix) DJ Bigga G albums
Gunman 187 Lockdown
The Line (Loop Da Loop Downtown Dub) Lisa Stansfield
You Bring Me Joy TJ Cases

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