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Every Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

A talk show that dissects the national and local news hosted by Anurag Singh, with a number of esteemed panelists each week. Join us!

Will be playing music in preparation for the KVRX Marathon on Monday.

Here's the playlist:

Title Artist Album
Shona Jake Chudnow Shona
Some Things Last a Long Time Steven Leftovers Futurebrother
Bleach Your Heart Indulgent No Drive Will Take Me Home
Get It Right Joey Dosik Inside Voice
Chameleon World Jerry Paper Big Pop for Chameleon World
Cascades Indian Wells Where The World Ends
Burning Mirrors Lumerians Transmalinnia
Wimbledon The Paper Tigers The Orpheus Club
Weekend The Mispers Weekend
Socks & Sandals Dutch Criminal Record Socks & Sandals
Six Miles Black Pulp Six Miles
Into the Night Mattis Into the Night
West Coast Junior Empire West Coast
Crown As Elephants Are Crown
Morning Sunrise Weldon Irvine The Sisters
Blind Brother Sundance Honey

Alexander and I discuss college, consciousness, and computers--the three Cs that permeate our lives. 

Alex and I discuss human nature, daylight savings time and technology.

Alex and I discuss bringing pigs back from the dead, 

Alex and I discuss the best food places in Austin and some science news.


Listen to this week's playlist here!

Title Artist Album
Olly Cape Francis Falling into Pieces
Drunk Girls, Drunk Boys Frills Drunk Girls, Drunk Boys
In Between Surf Rock Is Dead In Between
I Know The Feeling The Franklin Electric Blue Ceilings
You Don't Have To Haiva ru Wildflowers
Anyways Kloudink Swimming Pool EP
In My Arms Will Killen In My Arms
Face NÄM Body Lotion
I Really Like It Our Girl Stranger Today
Why Do You Say You Love Me Vista Kicks Twenty Something Nightmare
Edges Akshara Edges
Rear View Prince Woods Rear View
Fading Away Scarypoolparty Fading Away

Alex and I discuss recent news stories [Boeing, UT bribery scandal, Texas Cowboys] and the problems with higher education and colleges more generally. 

Title Artist Album
Shona Jake Chudnow
Title Artist Album
Diver's Deep Reelie Diver's Deep
If You Go, I Go DVOCEAN A Tale for Two
Autumn Leaves Mikaela Kahn Voices Of Love
My Best Amy Andrews My Best
Holding Hands Early Eyes All Shades of Teal
Back Being Blue Kelly Willis Back Being Blue
25 Oh Pep! I Wasn't Only Thinking About You...
Singa TOPAZ Phrases
Closer Jed Craddock Closer
Nights and Days of Rain The Ex-Optimists Drowned in Moonlight
South America Thin Lips Chosen Family
Laura From Beyond The Band From Beyond
Hangover Sq. Grapetooth Grapetooth

Spoke with special guest Alexander about the current landscape of computer software, the usefulness of the micro-aggression concept, and the debate over the art-and-artist distinction, among other things.

subbed by dj granola ;)

Title Artist Album
ILY Satchy Demo Love Songs
It Hurts Until It Doesn't Mothers When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired
Easy Baby Denyah Easy Baby
Selfish Lover Mild Orange Foreplay
Dreamphone Peach Kelli Pop Peach Kelli Pop
Easy Claud Easy
Right Here Maxwell Young Right Here
Blackies Jaded Juice Riders Girlfight
Hot Rod Dayglow Fuzzybrain
Seabirds Pizzagirl Seabirds
Moonchild Greentea Peng Moonchild
Bet Mereba Bet
We Cool BOSCO, Anna Wise b.
pull up on you sobhhi pull up on you
Baby Muddy Monk Longue Ride
Landscapes (Interlude) Herrick & Hooley Herrick & Hooley's Famous Honey
Starchild Elujay Starchild

Headlines of the week.

Title Artist Album
Anurag Singh

We discuss relevant headlines of the week, including the State of the Union and the Green New Deal. 

Title Artist Album
Over Me OHM Over Me
On My Own OHM On My Own
Today Sahiti Today
Some Things Last a Long Time Steven Leftovers Futurebrother
Bleach Your Heart Indulgent No Drive Will Take Me Home
Futurebrother Steven Leftovers Futurebrother

On the last day of January, we discuss infancy, the benefits and costs of aging and more.

It's the start of 2019! Starting the year with some discussion about the government shutdown. 

Title Artist Album
Over Me OHM Over Me
On My Own OHM On My Own
Today Sahiti Today
Into the Night Mattis Into the Night
Some Things Last a Long Time Steven Leftovers Futurebrother
Bleach Your Heart Indulgent No Drive Will Take Me Home
Futurebrother Steven Leftovers Futurebrother

Winterim show, with special guests Connor and Dean. We discuss the semester, and "the best of 2018." 

Final show of the year, most probably.

Title Artist Album
Outro WDL No Wings Airline
Cascades Indian Wells Where The World Ends
Song for Caden Jon Brion Synecdoche, New York (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Colour In Your Hands (feat. Fink) D.L.i.d Color In Your Hands - EP
Title Artist Album
A Letter Received AUSTYN GILLETTE Sensorisk
Bargaining TC Superstar Heat Death
Les voiles - Dim Sum remix Poom, Dim Sum 2016 (Remixes)
Soul Blumoon Decisions, Decisions

Show was subbed this week.

Title Artist Album
Death Grapetooth Grapetooth
Run Wyvern Lingo Lamplight Sessions EP
Lead Me to the Glow Shmu Lead Me to the Glow
U Could Find Smoothboi Ezra U Could Find
Licking An Orchid Yves Tumor, James K Safe In The Hands of Love
Swoon Mobley Fresh Lies, Vol. I
Little White Lies Flyte The Loved Ones
symbol Adrianne Lenker abysskiss
The Dance of Cupid and Psyche Liam Singer Arc Iris
Catch it Iceage Beyondless
Better Than Me Ten Tonnes Better Than Me
Possession Pastel Ghost Ethereality
Future Me Hates Me The Beths Future Me Hates Me
Selfie Surfbort Friendship Music
Best Thing Haley Blais Let Yourself Go

I discuss the important news of the week.

Title Artist Album
Not Fake News Anurag Singh
Les Voiles Poom 2016
Song for Caden Jon Brion Synecdoche, New York
Follow Your Dreams The Nova Darlings Ephemera, Etc.

Wes Simms of Green Onions covering

Title Artist Album
Honest Man Fat Night Honest Man
Drink The Happy Fits Awfully Apeelin'
Gyöngyhajú lány Omega 10000 lépés
Shake Me Awake Early Eyes All Shades of Teal
Try Love Again The Natural Four The Natural Four
Leading Lady The Notations Still Here: 1967-1973
Lonely Man Spencer Wiggins The Goldwax Years
Trailer Park Boys Theme Song Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout The Boog at Sunny's
Full House Christian McBride Big Band Bringin' It
The Gatsby Express Sweet Plot The Plot Thickens

Pilot episode of the trivia show. Joined by 2 DJs on KVRX to talk about WATER. 

Title Artist Album
Anurag Singh, Aaron Martinez

Avery Jay subbing in with some tunes rather than talks

Title Artist Album
Upstairs TC Superstar Masc
Golden Age I Fringe Character, Gregb Phases
Crayons Samurai Champs Crayons
Pora Sotunda The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices, Lisa Gerrard BooCheeMish
My Love Is All Around You Little Mazarn Little Mazarn
Medicinal Jess Gallo, Samson Medicinal
Dead Poet Busty and the Bass Uncommon Good
Whole Wide World Big Tree Big Tree
To the Boys Molly Burch First Flower
Overdose The Good Fortune Overdose
Swallow Postcards from Mars Swallow
Therapy Alibis Therapy
I Don't Want to Rest Madaila The Dance
Roslyn Cullen Hiraeth- EP

Matthew Cox and I discuss the horrifying IPCC report on climate change. 

Big panel today, with Wes Dodson, Nick Romanow, Matthew Cox, and Morgan Learn. We discuss the YCT tantrum in support of Brett "Bart" Kavanaugh, the Amazon hike in wages, and the new NAFTA. 

Title Artist Album
Anurag, Wes, Nick, Matthew and Morgan

Wes and I discuss the recent United Nations General Assembly meeting, the Trump administration's continued assault on immigrants, and new privacy regulations on Big Tech. 

Anurag Singh is joined by Matthew Cox, staff writer for The Texas Orator, for a "Blitz" episode. How many news stories can we cover in one hour?

Anurag is joined by Wes Dodson, Nick Romanow and Matthew Cox to discuss the Kavanaugh hearings in Congress, the Title IX changes made by Betsy Devos and the Trump admin cutting aid to Palestinians.

Title Artist Album
Not Fake News Anurag Singh, Wes Dodson, Nick Romanow & Matthew C

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