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The Bodies Under My Garage

Every Tuesday from 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Tune in for noises to make you doubt your clean criminal record. Explore noise rock, harsh noise, power electronics, industrial, noise punk, and more - hosted by DJ Tuna, all right here on 91.7FM.

Tonight, I'm playing a set in tribute to Leaky Sockets. It was the last ever date of a noise festival that took place last year in a town close to where I grew up (Chattanooga, TN). The venue was Wayne-O-Rama, a museum dedicated to the work of Chattanooga-native puppet designer Wayne White. The museum is mostly full of giant, and I mean giant puppets, so it was a pretty eerie and cool spot for a noise fest.

Most of the artists can be found on Bandcamp, with the exception of She Blinded Me With Boxcutters (they only have two recordings, they're on YouTube). Anyway, here's Wonderwall.

Title Artist Album
Robot Desires The Sweet Sound of Chaos Strange Attractors
Live at Leaky Sockets 5 - Wayne-O-Rama 8-5-2017 SEGAWORMS Live at Leaky Sockets 5 - Wayne-O-Rama 8-5-2017
I Covered the Tiny Bird Corpse on the Sidewalk with a Child’s Red Sweater Spookstina Esoterica
1.13.18 She Blinded Me With Boxcutters
Man! I Feel Like a Woman! Breakdancing Ronald Reagan J.C. (Confessions of a Cyberbully)
Semi-Charmed Life Breakdancing Ronald Reagan J.C. (Confessions of a Cyberbully)


Title Artist Album
We Shouldn't Have To Wait Carla dal Forno The Garden
moët lean Various Artists (Dean Blunt) Muggy Vol. 1
Recognizing The Enemy Yves Tumor Safe In The Hands of Love
HBW Fenster HBW
Barrel Lord RAJA Amadeus EP
Moai Y Yo Maria Usbeck Amparo
Exceptions Cardopusher Manipulator
La rue Cortex Troupeau bleu
Demain Berlin Guerre Froide Guerre Froide
DJ Tuna spins a lil industrial, a lil experimental, a lil noise rock, and a lil harsh noise. Also (is this cheating?) a really noisy shoegaze song - Dreaming Wide Awake still has a part of my heart I guess! :) Be sure to check that out at the same time on Friday mornings as well!
Title Artist Album
Come and See Uniform, The Body Mental Wounds Not Healing
Aruca Medicine Shot Forth Self Living
The Night Collectors Les Rallizes Dénudés Heavier Than A Death In The Family
Candy Gun Melt-Banana Fetch
Passing Complexion Big Black Atomizer (Remastered)
pleasure suck I The Spirit of the Beehive pleasure suck
A Garden Watered Only in Blood Skat Injector Unknown Violator
Sad Pony Guerrilla Girl Xiu Xiu A Promise
Screwtape Symphony The Sweet Sound of Chaos Screwtape Symphony
If This Is What Passes for Living Street Sects End Position
Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage Girl Band The Early Years

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