The Greener Side

Every Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Tune in every Friday morning for The Greener Side where we explore current environmental events. By presenting varying perspectives on issues, we hope to broaden the scope of listeners’ awareness of the scientific basis and significance of these issues. 

Why is environmentalism today so human-centric?

Why isn’t environmental justice emphasized more?

How do we break the wall  of apathy surrounding environmental issues?

How do we close the behavior gap between how people feel about the environment and how they behave?

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Sustainable Entertainment... Theatre! Special Guest

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Plant Triathalon Online
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Holy B00TY Holy

Today in the booth we have Daniella Rempe, Hydrologist, Geomorphologist, Professor in the Jackson School, and Research Lead  to discuss her fascinating research about subsurface fluids and how her "long-term research goal promotes the sustainability of water resources by contributing to a mechanistic understanding of groundwater and vadose-zone processes, particularly in mountainous regions".





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Water Triathalon Online

Today we are joined by a special guest, a fellow environmentalist who worries about her clothing consumption. Anushua will join me in exploring what it means for textiles to be sustainable.


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Acceptance TC Superstar Heat Death

A brief introduction to Environmental Equity and Justice guest starring Jane from Cup of Jane. Hear us gab about straw bans, monetary and physical accessibility to more sustainable products, environmental racism, and climate change. 


The Economic Injustice of Plastic:

Environmental Justice: 


Sub show.

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Glued To You Tomorrows Tulips When
Cement Surfboard Sic Alps Napa Asylum
The One to Wait CCFX CCFX EP

Sustainable physical care! Guest starring - Vane. We talk all about our thoughts, personal experiences, and exploration into greenifying our self-care habits from hair care to menstrual products and more. 

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Ruthless The Marias Superclean, Vol. II

We are joined today by a very special guest, Lucy Atkinson, to discuss her research endeavors, her experiences teaching a course "Communicating Sustainability", and to evaluate our own efforts at communicating sustainability.

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Plants Crumb Plants
Can we build the "sustainable city"?
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Ode to Boone Indoor Creature, Henry Sugar Ode to Boone
Welcome back to another semester of The Greener Side where we will be exploring what sustainability means to us, and what it means to others of all sorts of groups of individuals. How we define sustainability will be essential to our communication of it, so by exploring not only our own experiences with environmentalism, we may work more effectively to break through the indifference and apathy heavily prevalent in today's society regarding the state of our environment.
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