The Hadal Zone

Every Thursday from 11:00 p.m. to 11:45 p.m.

tryina find my feet


half n half of electronic music and hip hop/rap within different subgenres, communities, or themes. 

Title Artist Album
AS A.W.O.L Amnesia Scanner Another Life
Hunted Lotic Power
Work It Marie Davidson Working Class Woman
Beyond Limitation Lord Tusk Communique EP
This Behavior ADULT. This Behavior
Roll Of The Dice Steven Julien, Funkineven Bloodline
Oizo Black Noi$e Illusions
El Bandito Pt. 2 Delroy Edwards Rio Grande
Controller Channel Tres Channel Tres
Peacock Jean Grae, Quelle Chris, Dane Orr Everything's Fine
Hookers Tierra Whack Whack World
Sky Medhane Sky
Goliath MIKE, Anthony Marshall Renaissance Man
Asher Wolfe Shygirl Cruel Practice
Basic Need Tirzah Devotion
Calling Me Pollari Forever, Yours
Blue Racks Matt Ox OX

hi, how are you?


bang screw


texas episode


everything is bigger

Title Artist Album
Sea Bering Bill Converse Meditations/Industry
Untitled 1 Katrina Untitled 1
My Heart Cries Suite (Movement III) Miguel Flaco My Heart Cries Suite (Movement III)
4242 Acid Jeep XNOR 2015 Compilation
Moor Pagan Cops Moor
Not Here TROLLER Graphic
December Not, Far WOLFE de MÇHLS December Not, Far
Scorpio Szn Chucky Blk Scorpio Szn
Pill Danny Watts Pill
Snoop JOAQU.N Snoop
Drive Thru Fat Tony Drive Thru
Wilderness of North America B L A C K I E Spred Luv LP
Couches The Teeta Couches
Roses WOLFE de MÇHLS Roses
Title Artist Album
Burn D.K. / S.K., D.K., Suzanne Kraft D.K. / S.K.
High-Tech Slow-Life 1991 High-Tech High-Life
Far Horizon Archivist, Fugal Undertow
Equity Dedekind Cut Tahoe
Echoes Of The Past Kuniyuki Takahashi Early Tape Works 1986 - 1993 Vol. 2
Closer Gigi Masin Kite
Whiteland Chihei Hatakeyama Scene
Goliath MIKE, Anthony Marshall Renaissance Man
Calling Me Pollari Forever, Yours
Blue Racks Matt Ox OX
For What (feat. Drugrixh Peso) Warhol.SS, Drugrixh Peso Chest Pains
Rot (feat. Corbin & Shlohmo) D33J, Corbin, Shlohmo Death Valley Oasis
IRL Danger Incorporated Danger Reality
A Terror Way Beyond Falling Scallops Hotel Sovereign Nose Of Your Arrogant Face

adult swim electronic + hip hop/rap

Title Artist Album
I Only Need One Rollercoasterwater Dripping Retina
Come Be Me Helado Negro Island Universe Story Four
You Never Show Your Love Jessy Lanza, DJ Spinn & Taso You Never Show Your Love
Zoro Lord RAJA Zoro
AS A.W.O.L Amnesia Scanner Another Life
Cella Logan Takahashi NoGeo
Rustdusk Kiln Dusker
Clay Face Cepia Natura Morta
The Floating Cradle Deastro Keeper's
Daysleeper Dirty Art Club Basement Seance
40 Acres Chester Watson Project 0
Sweet Dreamz Psymun, K. Raydio LucidDreamingSkylines
Soon Dibia$E Baker's Dozen: Dibia$e
Gold Ghost BOSCO BOY
Viewer Discretion (feat. Invincible & Finale) Dabrye Two / Three
On One (feat. Rico Nasty) Father, Rico Nasty Awful Swim

footwork/juke + memphis rap

Title Artist Album
Dial J Words Dial
Get Down Cakedog Get Down
Ordinary Pain DJ Rashad Ordinary Pain
Pakk So Loud DJ Taye Pakk So Loud
Back Up Kid DJ Nate Back Up Kid
Lethal DJ Mastercard feat. DJ Paypal Lethal
Coctel de Mariscos Qvo Coctel de Mariscos
Crystal Waters DJ Generous Crystal Waters
Play No Playa Shawty Pimp Comin' Real Wit It
Smokin On A J Koopsta Knicca Da Devil's Playground
Try Me Lil Noid Paranoid Funk
Head Above The Water Looken For The Chewin DJ Zirk, The 2 Thick Family
Pimp Shit Lil Gin feat. Skinny Pimp Pimp Shit
Blaze Up Another Spliff DJ Fela Bass Mix #3. Third World
Glock 187 Family Glock

uk jungle + grime

Title Artist Album
Give A Little Love (94 Remix) Nookie Give A Little Love
Don't Go (Original Mix) Awesome 3 Don't Go (Original Mix)
Regulators DJ Gunshot Regulators
I'll Be There Baraka I'll Be There

the Halal zone

aaron is sick:(

Title Artist Album
Uoon II alva noto, Ryuichi Sakamoto Vrioon
Them, Their Jan Jelinek Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records
Mountain of Air Ellen Arkbro For Organ and Brass
When U Go Girls of the Internet When U Go
Crunch Ethereal, Alexandria Heat Death 2
Love in a Crowd (feat. Sen Morimoto) KAINA, Sen Morimoto Love in a Crowd (feat. Sen Morimoto)
Gimmearide? Kari Faux Primary
On My Mind Andy Stott Too Many Voices
A Sharp Blow In Passing Ben Frost The Centre Cannot Hold
Fruit Salad Tierra Whack Whack World

rainy day electronic + rainy day hip hop

Title Artist Album
Music for Keyboards #87 D'eon Music for Keyboards
N.E.W. Actress R.I.P
Sleep Through School Mirror to Mirror Body Moving Slowly
Wakihi Sugai Ken UkabazUmorezU
Blood Paul Cimiotti Four Songs
Amaze Terekke Yyyyyyyyy
1999 D.C. David August DCXXXIX A.C.
Parcel Melanie Velarde Parcel
Black Wax Spellling Pantheon of Me
Potential Kllo Potential
Something Safe Corbin Mourn
Starstruck Lucki Starstruck
Til It's Over Tobias Til It's Over
Maps Psymun, Chester Watson Pink Label
Medusa Jesse James Solomon, Jadasea, Larry Smooth Medusa
Devotion Tirzah, Coby Sey Devotion
Left Me Ouri, Odile Myrtil Superficial
Bat L'Rain L'Rain
Cherripop Ohbliv Up

latinx electronic producers & latinx hip hop/r&b/perreoooooo

Title Artist Album
Different But The Same Alejandro Paz Inside Job
Tracid Z@p Tracid
Red Eyez Elysia Crampton Demon City
//\LI/\NZ/\\\\/IOLENT/\\ Astrosuka ЗОЛОТАЯ / / / / / ГРЯЗЬ
Juan Sant Ela Minus Juan Sant
Inestable Medio Mutante Inestable
Poquito Paul Marmota Zona
Vuelvo a la Nena Nico Miseria Vuelvo a la Nena
Ilde Pa' Beberte PAUZA Ilde Pa' Beberte
Alegria Mahmundi Para Dias Ruins
Como Si Tei Shi Crawl Space
Erase Omar Apollo Erase
Tra Fuerte Billete Tra
coldwave x trip-hop
Title Artist Album
L'homme a la moto Norma Loy Sacrifice
17 Anos Medio Mutante Inestable
Externo Real Silent Erm Externo Real
So Low Carol Carol
Знак Луны Берген Кремер Берген Кремер
Trust No Woman Z Y X Z Y X
Valentine Future Holograms Future Holograms
Wait Figure Study Figure Study
Un Ete a Paris DJ Cam Abstract Manifesto
Zato Ichi Ammoncontact Sounds Like Everything
The World Is Ours Funky DL Jazzmatic Jazzstrumentals Vol. 2
Boite Arpege Nery Bauer The Great Jazz Swindle
Time Is The Enemy Quantic The 5th Exotic
Jazz Party Jazz Spastiks The Product
Yin and Yang Uyama Hiroto freeform jazz
Title Artist Album
Never Felt This Way Jem 77 Never Felt This Way
What You Think You Want Person of Interest Person of Interest
Nineteen CCCL Volume 1
Complet Brouille Essaie Pas New Path
Como Me Quieres Khruangbin Con Todo El Mundo
Same Face In A Different Mirror Protomartyr Consolation EP
Black Willow Loma Loma
C U In Da Ballpit Camping in Alaska Please Be Nice
Letters Never Sent Everyone Asked About You Let's Be Enemies
I Love... Strictly Ballroom I Love...
It Was Not After But Before Stop Thief! Quartet Stop Thief! Quartet/Reeve Hunter (split)

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