Welcome To Someday

Every Sunday from 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.

Our dreams will always seem to happen someday, but someday is always so far off, the place we wish we could go. "Someday we'll know -- Someday you'll get there -- Someday it will happen." But why does it have to be so far away?

Welcome to Someday. Time to start doing what you always wanted. Let's make it reality, let the music guide you.

Title Artist Album
Moi Et Toi The New Romantics Haikus
Nomu Good Kid Nomu
If I Find Gold Brocklesby Crooke, Kairos Kilt Indie Synthpop
Give to Me Words The Bright Light Social Hour Jude Vol. I
No Muse Wild Moccasins Look Together
The Difference Engine - Peter Stopschinski Remix Graham Reynolds, Peter Stopschinski The Difference Engine (2018 Remaster)
Pulse Volant, Aevi One
Oceancrest My Body Sings Electric Part 1: The Night Ends
When You're Ready Epsilona When You're Ready
empty crown YAS empty crown
Ego Slave Donormaal, Luna God Third Daughter
Satan in the Wait Daughters You Won't Get What You Want
La Luz Coastal, Jackie Mendoza La Luz

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Title Artist Album
So Then... (feat. Cold Cave) Chris Liebing, Ralf Hildenbeutel, Cold Cave Burn Slow
Separation Anxiety yeule Coma
Julia GADADU Outer Song
Ufos Brahny Fresco Time Machine
Rico Acid Emily Blue Blackberries // Rico Acid
We're Going Down The Pink Dust Ming
If You See Her Waiting Tables Lefty Parker Love on the Guadalupe
Dead Flowers For Her Skywatchers The Skywatchers Handbook
Riverside Fleece Voyager
To Say That is Easy Yves Jarvis The Same But By Different Means
Apples Feelds Hunch
it's still you... Field Medic Songs from the Sunroom
Sadie Ethansroom Songs for Sadie

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Title Artist Album
Weather Overtone Kenichiro Nishihara Kaleidoscope Suite (Best mix and Remixes)
Higurashi Herajika Tracks Love Univesal
Settled Flying Hórses Reverie
One of Them The Naked Tungs Distract Myself
Simple Things Re:plus, Sam Ock, Clara C Miscellany
Rise Son Kenichiro Nishihara, Substantial Kaleidoscope Suite (Best mix and Remixes)
Picture Perfect feat.reciteall and Nicole Cagampan Nitsua, reciteall, Nicole Cagampan dayscape
Cloud of Me Rejoicer Energy Dreams
I Don't Mind TC Superstar Masc
Play It Up Georgia Anne Muldrow Overload
Solitude Re:plus Ordinary Landscape
Nothing to Do Incise IN YA MELLOW TONE GOON TRAX 10th Anniversary BEST
ordinary joe (feat. Terry Callier) Nujabes, Terry Callier Modal Soul
Nightwalk Ralph Zurmühle As Time Passes

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Title Artist Album
Irrelevant Sweet Chaos Sweet Chaos
Cellophane Metz Strange Peace
Tropical Speed Soft as Snow Deep Wave
Shake That Bush Again The Mooney Suzuki Alive & Amplified
Flame DISH// Saishono Koi Motetakute / Flame
Coma Dreams Icarus The Owl Rearm Circuits
Fall Family of Things Family of Things
Intro: Sniper Shad A Short Story About A War
Colors Kenichiro Nishihara Illuminus
Receiver Juliana Hatfield Weird
The New Age Northern National The New Age
Toro Liily I Can Fool Anybody in This Town
The Appetizer - Final Mix Pulses. Mark IV
Hyperreal Makari Hyperreal
Hands On The Water Skyhill Run With The Hunted
Title Artist Album
Inhale Adison Inhale
Soft Bones austin havis Soft Bones
Home Lina Tullgren Wishlist
Stardust Croom, Amakiya Belladonna
Coroner Lando Chill For Mark, Your Son
Pale Eyes Iglooghost Neō Wax Bloom
Dream. Sleep. Laveda Dream. Sleep.
Shake Me Awake Early Eyes All Shades of Teal
A Shade of Jade Connie Han Crime Zone
Barely Visible To The Naked Eye Akkad The Orphic Priest Once I Was As You Are Now
Ruby, 6 Joyce Kwon Dream of Home
Crow Sasha Siem Bird Burning
Bad Guy austin havis From My Dreams
A Flaw In the Iris Death and Vanilla A Flaw In The Iris
Long Way Down Lloyd Llewellyn Long Way Down

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Title Artist Album
OK Blanks OK
Heels Sir Babygirl Crush on Me
Slingshot Good Kid Slingshot
She Knows Tall Tree Tales She Knows
Olivia Go Fever Daydream Hawker
Your Favorite God Shmu Lead Me to the Glow
Less Sex Daughters You Won't Get What You Want
Blam Georgia Anne Muldrow Overload
terms emawk terms
Notations Astragal EP
Nevermine Forth Wanderers Forth Wanderers
The Eye Empath Liberating Guilt and Fear
Don't Know How to Say This to You Sean Angus Watson If I'm Gonna See You
In the End We Are All Cosmic Sabrepulse Exile

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Title Artist Album
Alcohol Store Quality Living Alcohol Store
Shaking Hand Women Women
Stupid or Narcissistic Earl Patrick Like This Cold April Snow
Trickster Blues RF Shannon Trickster Blues
These Wicked Things Beat Circus These Wicked Things
Killing Moon Roman Remains Killing Moon
Awakening Croom, Audriana Acuña Belladonna
Life iLLism Illuminate
Snow Brillo Fushin-Sha
The First Train Xinlisupreme I Am Not Shinzo Abe
The Sequences Go Yama The Exploration
Hanging on My Family Tree Tasty Hanging on My Family Tree

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