An Electrifying Show by Girl and Girl at SXSW

An Electrifying Show by Girl and Girl at SXSW

March 17, 2024 in Concert Reviews

by DJ Nour

Garage rock band Girl and Girl played on the Radio Day Stage at SXSW, which was broadcast on The SoCal Sound 88.5. The band is Australia-based and features lead vocalist Kai James, his Aunt Liss on drums, Jayden Williams on guitar, and Fraser Bell on bass.

The songs played definitely have 80s inspiration with modern influence, which is likely due to the younger and older bandmates taking their inspiration from different places. It creates a beautiful blend of new and old music styles that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

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Before the show, I asked a few people in the crowd if they knew of Girl and Girl prior to SXSW, and they all said that they found out about the band through the festival, but were excited to hear them play. One girl said her parents heard them play earlier and thought that she would enjoy the show as much as they did, which once again enforces the idea that their music is for everyone.

Another woman said she had listened to a few of their songs and was excited for their live set because their music is “dancy.” Afterward, that same woman claimed that their set was “fabulous” and “very unique,” and she enjoyed their sense of humor.

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Because the show was being recorded for a radio station, there was no pit, and everyone was sitting rather than standing in front of the stage. This definitely put a damper on the crowd engagement, but Girl and Girl did not let that stop them from having an electrifying stage presence.

Even without people in front of the stage, you could tell the audience loved them, too, even giving a standing ovation after the final song, “Strangers.” During “Strangers,” the lead vocalist invited everyone to sing along, and even I couldn’t help but sing to the chorus. After the show, I had a quick word with Kai James, who mentioned that he was ”thrilled to be here” and was “overwhelmed in a positive way” by the people at the festival.

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If you’re looking for an electrifying indie rock band that both you and your parents can enjoy, I highly recommend listening to Girl and Girl. It should also be noted that they’re coming back to Austin to play at Mohawk on May 8, 2024, which is definitely a can’t miss show!

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