Bebo Dumont soothes the soul at Rozco's

Bebo Dumont soothes the soul at Rozco's

March 14, 2024 in Concert Reviews


On the evening of Tuesday March 12th, as part of a showcase presented by musical company Ecco Drop, Puerto Rican alternative hip-hop artist Bebo Dumont took the stage and serenaded the crowd with his soulful melodies and good vibrations at Rozco’s Comedy Club.

Dumont, an ex-member from legendary Latin reggae band Cultura Profética, went solo around 2021. In the time since, he has booked collaborations with some of Latin America’s biggest alternative artists and bands such as Rawayana, PJ Sin Suela and Elena Rose and has established himself as an artist to keep an eye out for.


Photos by Abraham Vidal (@vidaltgs)

Bebo walked on stage to a resounding applause. As the crowd settled, he began singing “Equilibrio”, one of his most recent songs, acapella. Safe to say that amidst hollers and cheers, his voice resonated throughout the room powerfully. Throughout the performance, Bebo kept it smooth. Smiling at the crowd, grooving to the beats and thanking the audience for coming and supporting him and Latin alternative music.

Bebo then proceeded to perform a series of his biggest hits. Some of them from his solo career. Others from his time in Cultura Profética and International Dub Ambassadors. No matter the song, he delivered rapid verses and emotional lyrics with ease, and while engaging with the audience. In the middle of his performance, and at the public’s insistence, Bebo took off his jacket causing people to cheer wildly.


Photos by Abraham Vidal (@vidaltgs)

To close things off, Bebo performed his breakthrough single: “Llévame”, a chill-hop track written during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the song, Bebo longs for the beach and for being able to see his lover in person rather than through a digital screen. The crowd excitedly sang in unison to “Llévame”, providing back-up vocals and ad-libs to Bebo’s performance.


Photos by Abraham Vidal (@vidaltgs)

After the concert, Bebo stuck around and talked to a few of his fans in the crowd. I was able to have a brief conversation with Bebo. I mentioned how much of a fan I am and that his music has been a staple in the Spanish-speaking sectors of KVRX. Bebo was very appreciative of the support he’s received from his fans and the underground scene.

“When you make independent music, it is very difficult to get traction and be on the airwaves. The mere fact of knowing that people enjoy your music, and are willing to share it around is amazing and pushes me to keep going.” He also encouraged young artists to follow their dreams and to never give up. “Dreams happen because they’re meant to happen.”

Bebo will release new music in 2024. Keep track of his upcoming projects through his social media here!


Photos by Abraham Vidal (@vidaltgs)

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