Death Grips Ravaged and Caused Chaos at ACL

Death Grips Ravaged and Caused Chaos at ACL

October 19, 2023 in Concert Reviews

by DJ rat

Three anthropomorphic shadows take the stage for ACL’s final night, a red-orange background illuminates the park. Boxy drums and grueling grunts bring the remaining festival attendees to IHG, hotel and resort’s stage for the most inhospitable pit of the weekend.

Experimental Hip Hop Trio, Death Grips opened a gate to hell and ACL is ready for the 60 minute labyrinth.

Death Grips, a band that revolutionized the sound of rap in the 2010’s ended their four-year tour hiatus with a stacked North American tour. The band, not showcasing or advertising the release of a new album, went to their vault of hit for a fan favorite setlist.

Making a withdraw from their seven album discography, led to a heavy showing of “The Money Store,” “The Year of the Snitch” and the “Powers that Be.”

In the spirit of Industrial Hip Hop, a converybelt of tracks gave no break to a rowdy Austin audience. MC Ride, the lead vocalsist voice reveberated to the back of Barton and each scream sent shockwaves through the chest of the crowd.

Zach Hill’s cerebral work as a drummer destroyed the ear drums of ACL and the boosted bass of Andy Morin generated a level seven seismograph-scale earthquake.

Throughout the performance, those who have been following Death Grips recent tour were nervous to address the elephant in the pit. Death Grips fans have been notoriously awful on this recent tour. From pissing in pits to throwing glow sticks at the performers – leading to an uncharacteristic mid show walk off from the group.

The pit at ACL prevented another debacle and gave as much energy back to the performers as they did to the animated audience.

Death Grips hold over the experimental music scene is not accidental and their vivacious victory lap ended strong in front of Austin’s most frenzied fans.

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