Devuelme a mis Hombres G

Devuelme a mis Hombres G: + Hombres G Concert Review

March 3, 2024 in Concert Reviews

by DJ Grafiter

Four words are all you need to get a Spanish-rock fan on their feet. Hombres G’s, “Devuelveme a Mi Chica”, has been an essential part of Spanish rock for generations and continues to be screamed at by crowds of 100s at festivals like Besame Mucho.

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PHOTO BY Levi Thompson


PHOTO BY Levi Thompson

Their enigmatic presence on stage is like no other, channeling that españolete personality throughout their show. Starting with “Voy a Pasarmelo bien”, set the mood and energy for the rest of their set, as right off the bat everyone was jumping up and down, indeed pasandola bien (having a good time). I know that for myself and many others, this band brings sentimentality into the picture and that happened during the set. As I jumped up and down to “El ataque de las chicas cocodrilo”, a lady in front of me turned around and said to me:

I am so sorry to interrupt you having fun but I just wanted to say you are what I imagine my daughter will be like in a couple of years and that makes me so happy. So beautiful and lively, it feels like I am with her right now, so thank you.

That had to be the sweetest thing I have ever been told at a concert. The lady was there with her mom (she had told me in our conversation) and during “Si No te tengo a ti”, being able to see them sing to each other showcased the power of music has on people.

While their music is about having fun, going to the beach (“Venezia”), and getting drunk with your friends (“Visite nuestro bar”), Hombres G has a range that can make you cry even at your happiest moments. Reminiscing past relationships and even thinking about the love I have for my family and friends, were all captured through the Hombres G performance. Nevertheless, while in mid-tears, I was pulled back into reality as soon as Rafael & Daniel (guitarists of Hombres G) broke out into their solos during “Te Quiero”. The catchy and whimsical bridge, which in my opinion, is their best as of today.


PHOTO BY Levi Thompson

Overall, Hombres G filled the stage with their strong 80s rock presence and made it their job to let everyone know that they are still standing as one of the best ROCK bands in history.

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