Divorce Paves the Way for Alt-Country at SXSW

Divorce Paves the Way for Alt-Country at SXSW

March 13, 2024 in Concert Reviews

by DJ Nour

Indie band Divorce played at the British Music Embassy at Sheraton Backyard on Tuesday night for SXSW. Divorce is a self described “alt country” band from Nottingham, United Kingdom that formed in 2021.

You might be wondering what exactly “alt country” entails, and let me tell you, it was as interesting as it sounds. The americana folk vocals accompanied by impressive blues-like guitar riffs gave a nostalgic feel to the set that couldn’t be replicated by any other band.

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Before the start of the show, I couldn’t help but overhear an eager fan mention that she loves Divorce, so I asked her what makes her love them so much. She responded by saying they have a catchy and singable country-folk vibe.

Although the band is from the UK, the fan was a local Austinite who claims she found the band through her Spotify recommended, which goes to show how anyone can love this band, and with their beautiful live stage presence, it’s easy to understand why. Once the show started, it should be noted that this fan among others couldn’t stop singing the lyrics alongside the lead vocalist, Tiger Cohen-Towell.

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Cohen-Towell’s vocals had a strong and soulful sound that truly solidified the band’s status as alt country and made me want to sing along, despite not knowing the words. Divorce closed the set with “Checking Out,” which was a personal favorite of mine from the night.

The song is about learning to love yourself and starting fresh, which is portrayed through the killing of one’s partner, Bobby. The bold lyrics and chaotic sound during the description of killing Bobby makes this song stand out from the previous songs in the set. Pretty much, if you’re looking for a new sound to spice up your Spotify playlists, give Divorce a chance.

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