dust: Last But Certainly Not Least

dust: Last But Certainly Not Least: + The underground Australian post-punk group was full of surprises at Empire Garage.

March 14, 2024 in Concert Reviews

by DJ Rachie

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Photos by DJ Rachie (@rgreendesign)

The crowd had mostly dispersed by the time Newcastle-based dust performed early Thursday morning at Empire Garage. Their loss! The group was able to deliver a high-energy, tightly rehearsed, and interesting set despite the early hour.

The post-punk group delivered the first surprise of their show when one member pulled out an Alto Saxophone and kicked off the set with a soulful tune. The rest of the group quickly joined in, delivering more hardcore riffs and drum beats than you might expect to accompany a saxophone. However, they managed to integrate the elements quite effectively — the sax was able to create an eerie, discordant backing against more punk tracks like “The Gutter” and “Alternator,” giving the sound a unique timbre you don’t often see nowadays.

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Photos by DJ Rachie (@rgreendesign)

Despite only recently making their debut with their EP “Et Cetera, Etc,” it’s clear that their carefully practiced rhythms and heavy sound have the potential to make a big splash in the new era of Australian punks taking over the world. Their songs, which varied between gently emotional and hardcore frustration, were dynamic enough to keep the focus of an exhausted and likely wasted audience.

Another notable element of their performance was its authentic nature. Each member visibly connected with one another during and in between songs, often turning to marvel at the drummers or, in one instance, exchanging a kiss on the cheek. No matter how popular a band may be, it always makes the performance more impactful when the audience can tell that the band is emotionally invested in their music and one another.

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Photos by DJ Rachie (@rgreendesign)

Overall, their skill and energy onstage managed to position dust as a band to watch out for. With only 8 tracks out at the moment, they seem to have only just begun.

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