Font’s Bold ACL Performance Leaves ACL Audience Needing More

Font’s Bold ACL Performance Leaves ACL Audience Needing More

October 16, 2023 in Concert Reviews

by DJ rat

Early risers and ACL first attendees making their way to the American Express stage early Saturday afternoon asked the question on the mind of many in the Austin music scene — Who is Font?

With vocals like Yorke, creativity akin to LCD Soundsystem, and the temperament of Squid, fresh ink has marked Font’s name on the biggest bills Austin has to offer.

Still with one song to their name on Spotify, and an almost nonexistent social media presence the band is still shadowed in mystery and unknown to many.

Sparked by curiosity or other external factors, those in attendance from 12:45-1:40 witnessed the magnetism of the post-punk five-piece brand catalog of soon-to-be hits.

The band's drums can be best described as a, you go left I’ll go right strategy for sonic domination. Jack Owens, the band's main drummer sat squarely behind a typical five-piece kit, to his right assistance in the form of a lengthy tambourine and cymbal hitting phenom. No part of the kit was left untapped and feats unimaginable with one player and difficult for three.

In front of said chaos, a concentration of kinetic energy in the shape of a man with a perfectly cropped shirt delivered the message of the newly formed band.

For a group performing for no more than a year, the lead singer, Thom Waddill still carries a full tank of gas for every performance, flailing his legs and frantically moving his arms about.

When the artist isn't dancing, typically achieved by clasping his hands together behind his back, he unhinging his jaw to a degree of an animated horror classic monster villain degree.

The group engulfed in mystery screams and shouts their way through their first ACL set picking up supporters and giving Austin's music scene some much-needed clarity.

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