He’s doing flips!  D4VD, ACL 2023

He’s doing flips! D4VD, ACL 2023

October 19, 2023 in Concert Reviews

by Mary Dougherty- DJ Dad Shoes

At just 18 years old, Houston-raised D4VD took a break from touring with SZA to make his debut performance at Austin City Limits.

After his single ‘Romantic Homicide’ blew up on Tiktok over the past year, D4VD has taken the music industry by storm. I genuinely didn't realize he was so young being born in 2005, his stage presence was so professional and he was keeping the crowd entertained while presenting his raw talent.

From the sad lyrics and raw emotion in his vocals, I thought he had been through a million divorces, but then I found out he graduated high school in 2023!

While he maybe hasn’t had a troubling divorce and multiple custody agreements, he was still able to convey a relatable sadness that reached out and touched everyone in the crowd. To be able to connect many people on a universal topic everyone goes through, and to convey your emotions so on the nose at especially such a young age is a skill you cannot learn. D4VD just has it, and does it well.

Seeing D4VD live made me want to cry. The performance was very genuine, and truly reflected his talents and lyricism. He also did the occasional flip that added to a long list of things he’s good at. Truly excited to see where he goes in his musical endeavors.

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