Holy shit, Rina Sawayama

Holy shit, Rina Sawayama

October 19, 2023 in Concert Reviews

by Mary Dougherty- DJ Dad Shoes

What a performance, what a performer. My mouth wasn’t shut for a single second of Rina Sawayama on the Honda Stage during ACL Weekend Two

Before I talk about her phenomenal music, songwriting, and voice, let’s discuss her stage presence and performance. From the outfit changes (and the beauty of the outfits) to the background dancers, theatrics, and more, I did not want this performance to end.

I can say with utmost confidence, I can watch Sawayama’s ACL 2023 performance on repeat for the next fifty years and never get bored.

Sawayama stated that this would be her last performance of her North American 2023 Tour ‘Hold The Girl- Reloaded’, and she definitely ended this tour with a BANG.

Sawayama did not just sing, she performed, and kept the audience intrigued during every minute she was on that stage. From the little acting snipits before songs such as ‘This Hell’, giving the audience a moment to watch her theatrical skills before singing the last song of the night.

Also speaking briefly about the struggles queer people have living in Texas and comparing it to living in hell. Over-all, Sawayama had one of my favorite performances out of both ACL weekends.

She is extremely talented and well-rounded, phenomenal at everything she did on that stage. I hope she never loses her creativity as it was very evident throughout the entire performance how much creative control she had over her performances. I love Rina Sawayama.

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