Little Simz Stands Tall, Her 10 month North American Tour End at Zilker

Little Simz Stands Tall, Her 10 month North American Tour End at Zilker

October 17, 2023 in Concert Reviews

by DJ rat

Parting the Red Sea and traveling the Atlantic on Noah's Ark, UK’s queen of rap Little Simz’s guardian angel guided her through an ACL performance that will be forever immortalized. Something she still doesn’t care about.

There’s no need to worry about external judgment for Simbi “Little Simz” Ajikawo.

“ACL right now I need you to understand you’re witness greatness. – I am not saying this with arrogance but with confidence.”

The Introverted multi-instrumentalist was cerebral during her hour-long set. With a self-assured attitude and a desire to keep her always-delivering streak going, Simz was all business on the Honda stage.

Dressed to the nines and all-black fitted, Simz simultaneously resembled the look of an LCF undergrad and a wolf on Wall Street.

Armed with a stockpile of hits, Simz celebrated the release of her latest album, “NO THANK YOU.

The intro to Gorilla, the second song on NO THANK YOU, could be heard three times. First, Simz begins the track without the iconic bass riff and triumphant horns. An acapella start drives home the opening lines of her sophomore album.

“Big time driller, monkey to gorilla

Who is this woman that I'm seein' in the mirror?

Drink '42 and smoke cigar

Name one time where I didn't deliver”

The second go around brings back the bass, delivered perfectly by Jordan. Simz's catchiest track to date is reaffirmed by an audience going bar for bar with the cunning lyricist. Driving home an idea Simz offered up to her adoring crowd.

“If I’m great you’re great. We’re all a family.”

Toward the end of her set, Simz informs her fans that her North American tour, a triumphant return since she last set foot in the States in 2019, has come to an end. The English entertainer remarks on how warm and loving Austin has been to her.

Warm and love are not two things Austinites have been pairing together, but when the cool shoulder-shrugging rapper compliments you, you take it.

With one last song, dedicated to the Woman of ACL, Simz ends ACL with an orchestrated line dance, a Texas baptism before her Great Britain return.

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