Matt Maltese, a man, his piano and my tears.

Matt Maltese, a man, his piano and my tears.: + Matt Maltese Performs at ACL W1

October 11, 2023 in Concert Reviews

by Mary Dougherty- DJ Dad Shoes

Now while there is sweat dripping down my back from the Texas heat, I don’t usually want liquid to come from anywhere else, but for Matt Maltese, I will make an exception.

At 12 o'clock on the dot Matt was on the T-Mobile stage for the last day of Weekend 1, and he had me on the verge of tears by 12:05. It was him, his piano, and raw talent.t. I was hooked on the entirety of his performance, a genuinely beautiful presence on stage was right in front of me and I couldn’t look away.

Being distracted by certain moments where the lyrics would be so soul crushing I’d have to ask myself, ‘Damn, who hurt him?

’ While I loved his lyricism, other times I simply wanted to watch him play piano and evaluate how extremely talented he is at the instrument.

When he wasn’t captivating the audience, he was telling stories about certain songs. My personal favorite is where he came up with the lyric ‘curl up and die’ from his song, you guessed it, “Curl Up & Die” while on an eight-hour plane ride. Probably stressing out his seatmate, Maltese swiftly brought up with a chuckle.

“I had announced a tour without Austin dates and it was the worst time of my life online”

People were so engrossed in his performance I can understand the fury from the lack of an Austin date, as this entire pit was in love with him. Do not worry though, he let everyone know that there is one for his next tour.

Yeah side note me and Maile (KVRX Graphic Director) also met him and he stated “Very little of that makes sense but I’ll do it” while having him do the ‘hook em’ hand signal. Thank you Matthew.

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