One, Two, Three, BELANOVA!

One, Two, Three, BELANOVA!

March 4, 2024 in Concert Reviews

by DJ Grafiter

To be 100% honest and be true to the integrity of KVRX, I have to admit that Belanovas' performance…. changed my life. After 6 years of not performing or making music, Belanova from Guadalajara stepped on stage and owned it like never before. Lead singer, Denisse Guerrero, was dressed in a beautiful bouffant black lace dress, whose bottom was short and had a small tail. Wearing lacy gloves, showing Belanova's sensuality, and her hair in a pouf-styled ponytail, reminiscent of 2000s poofs. Everything was alluding to their 2000s culture, their era of fame. The visuals used during the show were reminiscent of the Y2K era of pop music in Mexico. The band had filters applied to their live feed, along with overlaying visuals such as stars, universe visuals, bright and pink moving objects, and anything that represents that time of their lives. These elements were brought back to the stage for a new era of their musical careers.


PHOTO BY Andrea Escobar

Starting with “Me Pregunto”, the stage lit up with color and so did the crowd. Everyone knew the lyrics, never missing a word when Denisse pointed the mic towards the crowd, revealing how we have spent all these years waiting for this moment, to finally be able to sing back to her. For the first talking break, Denisse acknowledged the special sentiment that this performance is charged with, as it was her first time back on stage after many years. The band had plans to wait longer for their return but they thought to themselves,

Nos dijimos, bueno, Austin, ¿por qué no?

"We said, well Austin, why not?" Denisse Guerrero

Upbeat, synth, bass-led, classic reminiscent song, “Cada que”, was a tear-jerking one. Jumping up and down, tears rolling down my face, no care in the world, just me and Belanova. And I am not the only one who places such sentimental value on this song, or all of Belanova's songs,

Cada de estas canciones, tienen su dueño

"Each of these songs have their owner" Denisse Guerrero

PHOTO BY Andrea Escobar

Denisse acknowledges that most of Belanovas' songs are about love, but they have a range of what they make you feel. From heartbreak to the honeymoon phase to forgiving and forgetting, every up and down of the roller coaster called love is present throughout Belanovas' performance.


PHOTO BY Andrea Escobar

Before "Rosa Pastel," there were the wedding bells that marked what we assume is the start of a new love, but we know "Rosa Pastel" is exactly the opposite of that. Known around all Spanish-speaking countries, "Rosa Pastel" is every woman's breakup song, as you exclaim and displace your breakup with the one who promised you everything and gave you nothing. And that is exactly what this performance did, not only through the emotion that came from Denisse's belting throughout the song but also her entrance back to the stage for this last song. She wore a black veil when entering the stage once again and quickly removed it to show the end of her grieving era of a tragic love story.

Denisse closed out the performance thanking the crowd for their love and patience in waiting for their return. But most importantly, she thanked her dad who watches over her from above. I know that he was with the rest of the Besame Mucho crowd, proud and ecstatic over Belanovas' return to the stage.

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