Shannon and the Clams @ Stub

Shannon and the Clams @ Stub

March 20, 2024 in Concert Reviews

by DJ rat

Shannon and the Clams began their set at Stubb’s with their 2021 track “Mary, Don’t Go” which perfectly highlights the combination of sounds they possess; the 50’s soul belting of lead singer and bassist Shannon Shaw, the sweet lead and rhythm keys from Will Sprott, a fun groove from drummer Nate Mahan, and both guitar and vocals from Cody Blanchard. They quickly followed up with “Bean Fields'' off their upcoming album “The Moon Is In The Wrong Place” which featured a twangy, country-sounding guitar solo over bluesy keys and a fun, catchy chorus. Next the band performed “The Moon Is In The Wrong Place” with Chris St. Hilaire, percussionist and background vocalist for The Black Keys. Then came “Midnight Wine” with an epic rendition of the guitar and keyboard solos off the record. The band quickly followed up with a cover of Black Sabbath’s anti-war “War Pigs” with falsetto, Osborne-esque vocals from Blanchard which after a wild “War Pigs” solo faded into “Backstreets” off of their 2018 album “Onion.” Shaw then introduced a new, unreleased song that featured beautiful keys and backup vocals from Sprott and a charming, bendy guitar solo as well as wonderful vocals from Blachard that both support an amazing, heart-felt vocal performance from Shaw. Shannon & the Clams’ set concluded with “Rip Van Winkle” , a hit off their 2013 album “Dreams in the Rat House.”


Photos and concert recap by Spencer O'Neal.

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