Si te lloré, Los Terricolas

Si te lloré, Los Terricolas

March 6, 2024 in Concert Reviews

by DJ Grafiter

Bright and early, Los Terricolas graced the stage as a two-person ensemble, hitting every corner of the stage and captivating every person with the profound sentiment that defines their group. Despite the American Airlines mishap resulting in an incomplete lineup, the Besame Mucho crowd was overjoyed to experience Los Terricolas in any capacity they could.


PHOTO BY closrv

“Que bonito cantan”

"How beautifully yall sing" Nestor Daniel Hoyer

During “Te Juro que Te amo” the crowd, with no shame, sang their hearts out along with Hoyer. Even with an already extended outro, once the song ended, the crowd continued to serenade Los Terricolas, letting them know how much this song and their music meant to them. Beautifully complementing each other's vocals Loly Hoyer and Daniel Hoyer sang every song filled with passion, breaking the melancholic theme of their songs and turning them into something more for the Besame Mucho crowd.


PHOTO BY closrv

This show, though a slow start to the day, epitomized the essence of Besame. Couples danced, singles sang into the air, expressing their emotions, and lifelong fans were moved to tears by the songs. Los Terricolas beautifully inaugurated the Clasicas stage, setting a lovely tone for the event. If it was up to them, they would have stayed there longer,

“Con un publico asi no se dan ganas de bajar del escenario nunca”

"With an audience like this you never want to get off the stage." Nestor Daniel Hoyer

Even without a live band, Los Terricolas delivered a show that all of us in that crowd will never forget and will cherish for the rest of our lives. Experiencing classics like this, passed down through generations, being performed live is truly heartwarming, particularly in a city like Austin. It's a reminder of the enduring power of timeless music and its ability to bring people together across different eras and backgrounds.

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