Strawberry Guy @ SXSW

Strawberry Guy @ SXSW

March 27, 2023 in Concert Reviews

by reynuh

Strawberry Guy played the keyboard amazingly for a personal crowd on March 15th in the Victorian Room at The Driskill. This SXSW show was one of my favorites that I attended. Opened by Bona Fide, a gothic folk band from Copenhagen, Alex, who is Strawberry Guy, walked up onto the raised stage and began doing a soundcheck. The room averted its attention to the sounds of different keys that were being played as he got the “OK” from the sound booth to begin. He introduced himself to the audience and instantly charmed the room with his down to earth spirit. The audience slowly began to creep up on Alex and sit around the stage, criss-crossed applesauce style. He seemed surprised by this, yet genuinely happy, so he welcomed everyone to get as close as they pleased. He told us a story from earlier in the day about a man who offered him $100 dollars to stop playing piano in a hotel lobby. The audience empathized with him, and he expressed that the interest we all had for getting up close to watch him perform, made his night. Strawberry Guy played sweet, slow tunes and entranced the audience with his soothing voice.

Strawberry Guy

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