SXSW Snapshot: Acid Carousel at The Electric Church

SXSW Snapshot: Acid Carousel at The Electric Church

March 20, 2019 in Concert Reviews


On Tuesday night, a few hundred SXSW goers found refuge from the chilly mist and wind outside in The Electric Church. The venue was adorned with neon sculptures. The kaleidoscopic projections danced off the reflective wallpaper lining the ceilings, causing a mesmerizing light show.

If you aren’t familiar with Acid Carousel yet, you’re missing out. Their Facebook page gives you a pretty accurate idea of who they are. The only item in their Band Interests section is “Destroying your house party”. The Denton collective’s list of influences is comprised of The Beatles, Brian Jones-era Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, Pre-1968 Beach Boys. They describe themselves as “a production snob's worst nightmare” in their About section, and honestly, they lived up to that.

The psych-rock collective performed a few tracks from their most recent releases, Higher Than The Beatles and Street Cowboys. As you can see below, their stage presence is explosive and hypnotic.


After their set, the band was out on the patio talking to fans. I spoke with members Ian Salazar and Jacob Derting. Ian and I spent about fifteen minutes airdropping memes back and forth. It was a wonderful time. Aside from Acid Carousel, Ian also writes and produces his own solo work. His studio, The Acid Pad, is where he mixes and produces for all kinds of artists in North Texas. Jacob also shared that he makes solo music.


Overall, I was super impressed with their performance. Each individual in the band is extremely talented, and they were all very personable and inviting. All of them will be moving to New York in June to further pursue their career as a band, but I’m sure they’ll be coming back next year. I mean, who can resist the thrill of SXSW?

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