Te amaré por siempre, Los Enanitos Verdes

Te amaré por siempre, Los Enanitos Verdes

March 6, 2024 in Concert Reviews

by DJ Grafiter

Transitioning from blasting "Lamento Boliviano" alone in my car to singing it alongside a multitude of people at Besame Mucho has undoubtedly been one of the most unforgettable experiences I've had to date.

The grip these Enanitos Verdes have on the Latin/hispanic community is insane. From those who just know them for their hit songs and those who are fanatics of them, the crowd went crazy for them, and rightfully so. Los Enanitos Verdes hit the stage like they already owned it, with nothing to prove, just there to play their hearts out with every single song.


PHOTO BY Channel Purple

True to their rock roots, both lead singer and guitarist were wearing shirts to reflect that style. Specifically, guitarist, Guillermo Vadalá, repped Led Zeppelin with his outfit on stage.


Jota Morelli not missing a single beat on drums, killing it at all times, and driving the crowd mad. As I screamed my heart out, “Borracho y solo”, two people in front of me started singing and screaming with me. Soon we became friends and bonded over not just Enanitos Verdes but our cultural backgrounds as well (Holis Chris!!). That is the magic about this festival, being able to bond with people so easily due to the mere similarities in our identities and how these bands have reinforced them.


PHOTO BY Channel Purple


DJ Feathervane and DJ Natothee by DJ Grafiter during Los Enanitos Verdes Set

An impassioned and tireless set is what Los Enanitos Verdes delivered at the Besame Mucho festival. As Felipe Staiti, went back and forth between stage left and right, making sure that the whole crowd got all of him, as they demanded it. I will never forget this concert as it is now one of my favorite live performances I have ever seen. Even without Marcianos' physical presence on stage, Staiti, Morelli, and Vadalá all channel his charisma and love for music, continuing to breathe life into Los Enanitos Verdes, holding their legacy high and proud.

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