The cold Made Us Feel Like Dying, but Beach Fossils, Turnover, and Being Dead Made Us Feel Alive.

The cold Made Us Feel Like Dying, but Beach Fossils, Turnover, and Being Dead Made Us Feel Alive.

November 1, 2023 in Concert Reviews

by DJ rat

“So foggy so mystical.”

It’s also cold. Austin weather rapidly caught up with the fact that it’s fall.

It’s in the mid-40s, any lower and you’re approaching medium temperatures in a mortician's mortuary cooler – the ideal temperature for Being Dead's Flacon Bitch and Gumball.

“This long cheetah carcass is weighing down my arm,” Gumball said. “I’m gonna have to brace the cold for you guys.”

“Proud of you dude,” Falcon Bitch chimed in.

The duo is hilarious and their comedic timing is exemplified through their keen ability to tap into the humor and silliness of genre combination.

Take “Muriel’s Big Day Off,” a slacker anthem detailing the hijinks of a day off among a radical free spirit, possibly a self insert for a band that meet behind the scenes of Chuck-E-Cheese maintenance.

Their success could also be attributed to the two members' versatility. They both sing, most of the time together and over each other, and they can swap between drums and guitar seamlessly. Especially after removing the hide.

Surprisingly, the band has a knack for replicating their studio sound live very well. Shocking to me at least because of their willingness to go off the walls at any given moment.

“Play dolphin,” a fan, (I'm assuming) screamed from a cuddled-up crowd at Stubbs.

“You want us to make up a song called “Dolphin,” Falcon Bitch said in the middle of their set. “Okay, this is Dolphin.”

Then they made up a song called “Dolphin,” and it fucking rocked.

To end the night they announced they had one more song and wanted requests again.

“What should we play?"

Play Dolphin,” said another fan, (I’m also assuming.)

“You want us to make up another dolphin song? Okay. This song is called the "Perks of Being a Dolphin.”

Then they made up another song about being a dolphin, and it also fucking rocked.

Turnover, a staple for the cold embrace of autumn returned to Austin to bring their indie slowcore sound.

“We’ve been here a few times and man, I love this fucking city,” said vocalist Austin Getz.

His voice trails off beautifully close to three-quarters of each line, he maintains one mesmerizing tone to it that allows for the guitar to sparkle, the driving force of each song that turnover played.

They’re most famous for their 2015 album, “Peripheral Visions,” but dedicated fans are also here to see their newest album, “Myself in the Way,” which was released last year.

With a heavy dose of old and new, the band stunned Austin and warmed the hearts of indie fans who were privy to the dreamy sound of the Virginia Beach band.

“Sing along if you know the words to this next one,” whispered Getz before the wind howled and pushed the crowd to the front, to better see the artist and also preserve body heat.

The band went out singing, “Humming,” off their first album and if the audience could feel their feet I bet an all-out dance party would have ensued.

Instead, a shiver from the sound and the cold was enough of an indication that Austin would not forget this Turnover trip to our city.

Beach Fossils followed suit and kept the slowcore energy as high as it could possibly be for this genre.

Fans who have bunkered down in the now tundra-like pit of Stubbs were here for a mission, listen to Beach Fossils.

With the success and admiration of “Bunny,” the group's latest project. I get it.

The monotone voice of Dustin Payseur combined with the melancholic and reflective lyrics of the group gave a proper send-off to the three-day music festival.

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