February 15, 2024 in DJ Picks

by DJ Grafiter

The Besame Mucho Festival has stirred excitement and anticipation within the Hispanic and Latin communities simply by its existence. To have a festival exclusively catering to Hispanic/Latin culture is significant enough, but when you add to that an impressive lineup featuring both established artists and hidden gems who have long been absent from the spotlight, the event becomes nothing short of monumental. In 2022, during its inaugural announcement, Besame Mucho made headlines by selling out its Los Angeles show within minutes, cementing its place not only in the festival circuit but also as a cultural achievement within the live music industry.


The Besame Mucho festival is divided into multiple stages, each representing a distinct genre of music. There's a stage for classic aficionados, another for Banda lovers, a space to rock out to your heart's content, and yet another for pop aficionados. What sets this festival apart and elevates it to a deluxe status is the fact that all 60+ musical acts perform within a single day. Knowing that you have only one day to experience a lineup that seems to hail from your wildest dreams fills you with a rush of adrenaline and a fierce determination to seize the moment and give it your all – it's a day to “Ponerte las Pilas” and give it your all.

1. Los Terricolas

Now hear me out, as a member of an underground, indie, student-run radio station, I feel compelled to speak on behalf of this special group that holds a special place in my heart. You know a band is goated when their only releases in the past few years are remastered renditions of their past albums, versions that will make you cry even more than the older ones. At any festival, it's important to have at least one slower band to help you catch your breath and reflect on the beauty of life. Los Terricolas is the perfect band to do just that. You can indulge in their nostalgic sound, flinching your eyes to hold back your tears, or grab the person next to you and decide today is the day to start over again. For all you know, you will be telling your kids the story of how you met their mother at a Terricolas show at the 2024 Besame Mucho Fest.

2. Cafe Tacvba

Wey, Wow, ¿por dónde empezar? Esta banda...Tienes que ser completamente perdido para perderte un set de Cafe Tacvba (You have to be completely lost to miss a Cafe Tacvba set). Hailing from Naucalpan de Juárez, Cafe Tacvba has truly redefined the art of infusing alternative rock with the rich tapestry of their country's musical heritage. “La Ingrata” a captivating fusion of ska, banda, and alternative rock, from its mesmerizing intro to its compelling bridge and ultimately its powerful resolution, has left an indelible mark on the landscape of Spanish rock. Cafe Tacvba has successfully taken their culture as an influence to their passion for music and has created a unique sound around the soundwaves of Hispanoamerica.

3. Banda El Recodo

What would be a Besame Mucho festival without at least one quebradita in your itinerary? Without the genre of Banda Music, family parties would be dull and you wouldn’t have videos of your uncles sobbing on the dancefloor to watch the next day. Or of your tia maldiciendo a su esposo (Or of your aunt cursing her husband.), causing drama for the night, which we all know is the best form of entertainment for us paisa kids being forced to sleep on the white event chairs until 4 am. Grab whoever and go dance, even if the fit is just for one song. Banda El Recodo, with a stacked catalog of music, will not disappoint you, no matter what song is on, you are promised a fun time.

4. Belanova

Many people tend to overlook the Pop stage of this festival, but the lively and exuberant presence of the world-renowned Belanova cannot be ignored. I vividly remember playing the Dance Step games at an arcade in Japan and stumbling upon the song "One, Two, Three, GO!" as an option. Trust me, it was murder on the arcade dancefloor… no one could get between me and Belanova. As a fellow Tapatia, I strongly find myself in Belanova's music and love to represent them everywhere I go. The band members of Belanova met at a bar in Guadalajara, a city known for its creativity and liveliness, and that's where their musical journey began. While being back on tour and having a chance to see them in another setting, seeing them perform live is an experience to be shared with an audience that can reflect the energy that Belanova brings to the stage, and I am confident that the Besame Mucho audience will be just as lively and engaged.

5. Hombres G

To round off this heartwrenching list (which comprises my dream lineup), I have the most biased answer: my beloved Hombres G. As a little rockero child, I fondly remember getting scolded every time I belted out 'Devuélveme a Mi Chica's line “Pinche Mamón”. With love, nostalgia, and an undeniable party vibe, this classic Spanish pop-rock band is a must-see act that any Hispanic person would envy you for experiencing. As one of the pioneering Spanish rock bands during the New Wave era, Hombres G conquered Hispanoamerica in their unique way, providing every young adult with anthems of expression and liberation from mundane daily life.

Whether you can make all of the five acts I mentioned above or only one or you have completely different opinions from me and decide to go on a different route, trust, that you will have a fun and profound experience at Besame Mucho Fest. To be surrounded by music you grew up listening to as you helped your mom clean the house, car rides with your alternative dad, and parties with millions of your extended family, is the ultimate sentimental and exuberant festival experience. Besame Mucho Fest is every Hispanic/Latin music lover's dream come true.

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