KVRX and Austin Underground's Favorite Songs of October

KVRX and Austin Underground's Favorite Songs of October

November 4, 2023 in DJ Picks

by DJ rat

What's scarier than ghouls, skeletons and the un-dead? A boring playlist. KVRX and Austin Underground have come together to showcase their favorite NEW singles of October!

Mannequin Pussy - i don’t know you

Missy, the lead vocalist of Mannequin Pussy, agrees that this single might be the most exemplary song of the band’s discography. While its lyrics are simple and repeat, the instrumentals build on themselves throughout the song, and the experience of listening to this almost feels like the revelation described through its lyrics. This is a brilliant, well written and composed lead single that shines a bright path unto the band’s upcoming new album.

- dj silkworm

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Evian Christ - Yxguden

Very good song, love me some ethereal edm you can dance and dissociate to. Also it got a Bladee feature on it, so all your chronically online friends will LOVE this song.

-DJ Ta1a1

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The Inkcaps - Perpetual Vision

Perpetual Vision will make the listener feel like they’re spiraling through space. The Inkcaps’ smooth vocals and atmospheric production strike a perfect chord between a futuristic feel and nods to legends like The Eagles.

- DJ Twang

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ISOxo, Wavedash - OK!OK!OK!

The month of October graced us with the highly anticipated release of ISOxo's debut album "kidsgonemad!" on 88rising. The electrifying track "OK!OK!OK!" sees the trap phenom from San Diego connecting with Austin-based electronic boyband Wavedash, creating what I think is the most insane three minutes in bass music this year. ISOxo will be bringing his Brownies & Lemonade-backed tour to The Concourse Project next February, and I absolutely cannot wait to feel the same energy in the room that I felt when I saw Wavedash play this tune out in San Marcos last April.

- DJ Sinewaver

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spiral staircase - concrete shoes

This was made by an internet acquaintance of mine who I found from her first album on my friend's record label, Welcome to Clydebank. I am one of less than ten fans of her. This is the closing track on a criminally underrated masterpiece of an album. 2 and a half hours long, long sections of electronic noise, drone, nu-metal, post-rock, even flashcore. This song in particular has great lyrics and brings me to tears which a song hasn't done for quite some time.

- DJ I Work in Data Entry

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TC Superstar - Forever

TC Superstar is a super rad group based in Austin Texas that takes several influences from 80s synth pop and this new album sticks to the same vibe. Forever is definitely the song of the month if you enjoy that synth wave sound mixed with modern bedroom pop. Definitely makes you feel like dancing in an 80s club 🕺

- DJ Fizzi

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Jockstrap & Taylor Skye - Good Girl

What can I say, a killer remix of a banger. Combines the glitchy but dancey Jennifer B and turns the dance knob all the way up with a 4 on the floor beat and even more thump. Blends house/acid house with the signature Jockstrap glitch vibe.



A call to be present, an affirmation, and the best new hyper-feminine rave song. “Good Girl” is full of the same floaty vocals and hard driving break beats of Jockstrap. Play this while getting ready for maximum slay effect.

-DJ Kitty

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Dino Gala - 51 Sea Slugs

The vibe of the song just has this nostalgic feeling of exploring new music for the first time, outside of your parent's CD collection. Also, I have to say that Dino Gala’s EP “Diagonal” reminds me of 2000s emo bands.

-dj razzle red

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Foxtales - on the edge

I had the lovely opportunity to see Foxtales in concert a few weeks ago and I immediately fell in love with their music! Their ability to combine electronic pop sounds with profound lyrics is astounding, especially through this new song of theirs, which literally makes you feel like you're on the edge as the music sounds like it's transcending to another universe. They will be at Planet East on November 18 and you won't want to miss them!

- DJ Matty G

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Piano Marine Mike - The Creator

Although Mike is 73 years old now, he composed this piece during his sophomore year in high school. His wife, who passed away this summer, was the one who named the track, making it hold a special place in his heart. This beautiful track stands as a testament to both Mike's personal journey and his budding musical artistry.

- Daniel Munoz (Austin Underground)

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Suki Waterhouse - Every Day's a Lesson in Humility

In "Every Day's a Lesson in Humility," Waterhouse brings to the surface all of the messy, annoying, and slightly embarrassing moments in life that you wish to forget. Lyrically, she reminds you that each and every day brings about lessons to humble you and keep your head from getting too big.

- Jordyn Skye (Austin Underground)

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Blonde Redhead - Sit Down For Dinner, Pt. 1

I have been an avid fan of Blonde Redhead for years, but this new album just blows it out of the park. The nine-year wait proved worth it. The track list is so consistent, simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting all at once.

-DJ I Love You / Mia Alejo (Austin Underground)

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Stephen Sanchez- Doesn’t Do Me Any Good

Stephen Sanchez‘s latest album, “Angel Face” is a conceptual album about a troubadour and the daughter of a gangster falling in love. As a big fan of 50s/60s music, it’s refreshing to see Stephen put a modern twist on the genre while also delivering a beautiful story about love and tragedy. Doesn’t Do Me Any Good is a powerful ballad about wanting to be with someone you can’t have.

- Maddie Dau (Austin Underground)

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Spoon - Rent I Pay

Spoon is one of my favorite bands and this is one of their best songs. The drums are massive and the guitars are so crunchy and amazing. It was one of the first songs that I heard from Spoon and it made me a massive fan of the band :)

- Drew Salazar (Austin Underground)

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Dorian Electra - Sodom and Gomorrah

This song is not only sexy and awesome but explores religious themes and sexuality in a really fun way. Their sound is something I genuinely don’t hear anywhere else, but always kind of gives off an influence and this one was 2000’s Britney.

- Emerson (Austin Underground)

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Loving - Blue

Loving's recently released single, "Blue," is the perfect melancholic song to keep you company for the upcoming winter nights. The song floats along with soft vocals, simple instrumentals, and lyrics that will break your heart if you listen too closely. The band plans to announce a 2024 tour, so look out for upcoming dates!

- DJ Lemonhead

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Daydream Twins - Bombinate

The five-piece group ironically known as Daydream Twins, released their second major project, "Bombinate" earlier this October. The second song on the five-track EP, bombinate was true ambient excellence. Hard-hitting high hats cut through the electricity sparked by the guitar's distortion. Shoegaze continues to prevail, pushing back typical genre expiration dates associated with 90's sonic trends. Daydream Twins perfects the fundamentals; personifying the feeling of being alive by killing everything you thought knew. I'm wide awake and tapped into everything this group is releasing. Bomb, EP. So good.


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