KVRX Favorite Songs of September

KVRX Favorite Songs of September

October 5, 2023 in DJ Picks

by DJ rat

The sounds of September are usually synonymous with school bells, the soft crunches of the first fall leaves, and your local college radio station. For our DJ's, September sounds like these new tracks, which we can't stop streaming.

Babymorocco feat. Frost Children - SXC

I think this song is silly. And maybe goofy, the production is good and the lyrics are funny.

- DJ paperview

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Mitski - I don’t like my mind

Mitski has done it again with “This Land is Inhospitable and so are We.” I think she does a great job with some raw, to the point lyrics, which is one of the things that got me involved with her in the first place.

-DJ Zard

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Ray Emmanuel - SHEESH

Refreshing rap single that feels new and unique. Plus the artist is young and brings a new outlook on the scene.

- DJ Sunny C

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aespa - Spicy (Nitepunk Remix)

You could only imagine the pure shock I felt when I saw this in my Release Radar. Popular Korean girl group aespa's hit track "Spicy" receives an unexpected remix treatment from one of the most exciting rising stars in bass music, Nitepunk, who brought his HUMAN live show to Austin this month. This track features electrifying breakbeat drums and stellar bass design, and it's sure to be a captivating listen for both k-pop and EDM lovers.

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Hey Cowboy! - Mesmerize

Hey Cowboy! is an Austin, Texas based group with SUCH a floaty and dreamy sound. I heard this song at the beginning of this month at a show and was instantly pulled in by the song's themes of deep yearning and loving. 'Mesmerized' is their latest single and their next gig will be at Meanwhile Beer on October 20th. Check these lovely people out!!

- don't have one yet :0 (maia thomas!)

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Jane Remover - Census Designated

'Census Designated' is the most recent single released for the rollout of Jane Remover's sophomore album set to release in October. This track is filled with rage and angst, culminating into an explosive outro. If you're familiar with Jane's previous releases like 'Frailty' or 'Teen Week', this track's departure from her usual style might be surprising, but it still encapsulates the emotions and imagery present in the bulk of her music.

-DJ Wonderbread

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All There Is - DEADWEIGHT!

The emo kids raised on early 2000's Fall Out Boy have finally come to save us. All There Is, a female-fronted punk rock ensemble birthed from Dallas, Texas, reinflates the slowly flattening scene it's apart of with their most recent release, "DEADWEIGHT!". Through diary entries for lyrics and overlapping textures of complex punk all drenched in black eyeliner, this track begs its listener to stop telling their friends pop punk's dead.

- Evelyn M. (DJ Duderanch, if I had to pick. Lol.)

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Sean Mason - Closure

I've been in a sort of jazz rut lately, listening to a lot of the classics such as Miles Davis and Charlie Parker and the like, and when I stumbled upon Sean Mason's "Closure," I felt as if I was being transported back to that time period as the instruments come together seamlessly and the chorus rings with a comforting echo. As the song blossoms, though, there is a sense of anticipation in what he will do next as various components of the song become highlighted, such as the piano trotting or the horns that seem to dance or the lively percussion consistently maintaining the tempo. I can already guarantee that I'm feeling anticipation to hear what all he has created on his debut album, which comes out on October 27th!

-Mattea Gallaway (I don't have a DJ name)

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Hannah Cameron - The Wrong Way

This song is from Hannah Cameron's recently released album, Holding Pattern, which is full of chill girl-power folk tunes. I particularly love "The Wrong Way" because of its bass line and the way that Hannah's beautiful voice is showcased through some vocal variations that differ from other songs on the album. If you like HAIM, you'll definitely love this song. Plus she's Australian, which is cool!

- DJ Lemonhead

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Girl Ultra - Punk

This song reminds me of something out of the 90s! It’s addicting to listen to and I’ve had it on repeat ever since I found the Tiny Desk Concert.

-DJ razzle red

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Jungle, Erick the Architect - Candle Flame

Jungle’s newest release Volcano was full of hits, and my personal favorite was Candle Flame. It’s a good mix of upbeat electronic beats and samples with Erick the Architects crisp rap on top - overall a great song to dance along to.

-DJ Kitty

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Farmers Wife - Keep Hate in Your Heart

Dedicated to the haters, the vindictive, basically dedicated to me, Austin's sound finally got the maniacal reassurance it needed to keep hate in its heart. Ironically there's a lot to love about Farmers Wife: Vocals straight from the grungiest hole-in-the-wall corner of the 90s, lyrics akin to generational rally calls, and the regime-changing rhythm of the quartet's filthy guitar licks and bass lines. I listened to the album on repeat three times before deciding on what song to feature, thruthfully, I just hated having to choose. As someone who missed out on seeing Farmers Wife live this past month because of a Pearl Street fire alarm fiasco, my heart will remain hateful until their next show in Austin TX Nov 11.

-DJ Rat

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