KVRX Staff's Favorite Songs of the Summer

KVRX Staff's Favorite Songs of the Summer

August 18, 2023 in DJ Picks

by DJ rat

It's been a long summer break for us over at KVRX. Luckily, no school means more minutes listening to music, especially new music from our favorite artists. Here's a list of a few tracks released this summer that we can't stop streaming from our staff.

Vylet Pony - I don’t know how to tell you that you’re my best friend (and that i love you)

VYLET PONY IS SO AWESOME. I found out about her from a former KVRX DJ and it truly changed me. I don’t know how to tell you that you’re my best friend (and that i love you) came out June 30th and it’s a perfect song if you’re missing your friends this summer.
-DJ Deputy

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Cruyff - Summercut

My song of the summer is summercut by Tokyo-based shoegaze band, Cruyff. I couldn't make their show when I visited Tokyo, but I can only imagine what it would feel like listening to the woozy guitar intro and the heavy instrumentals in a sound-proofed basement somewhere.

-DJ Mempichi

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Alongside the likes of Qrion and longstoryshort, EMBRZ is part of a new wave of house music royalty that is making the decision to call Austin home. With its soothing synths and an enchanting vocal from Lizzy Land, his This Never Happened single "IOU" electrified my summer playlist. You can catch the Dublin-born artist live on August 31 and September 28 as he embarks on the latter half of his Kingdom residency in support of his new album "In Our Own Way."

-DJ Sinewaver

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Haunt Me - Bé​same

Haunt Me is an Austin, bilingual, dark-wave trio that I absolutely adore, and their June single "​Bé​same" has been on repeat for my summer night drives. Their dark, romantic lyrics, prominent baselines, and synthy sounds are addictive and I definitely recommend for anyone into acts like The Cure or Depeche Mode, or modern dark-wave groups like Boy Harsher and Mareux. This single is a teaser to their all Spanish EP coming out soon, which I'm really excited about as a Hispanic DJ because I love to see diversity in alternative genres, and especially in cases like this where I think Spanish lyrics add a perfect romanticism to the track.

-DJ phastphalanges

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underscores - Cops and Robbers

The song is energetic, a great way to get hype in this absolutely miserable heat. April Harper Grey, or underscores, tells a story of theft in the modern era masterfully.

-DJ paperview

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Keep - Sodawater

Keep’s latest single “Sodawater”. I heard like 5 seconds of this song from someone’s Instagram story and I immediately saved it and followed them. They’re from Virginia, but hopefully they visit Austin soon!


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Mills - Five N' Dime

I like the “Final Thoughts” album. It’s nice, upbeat but calming type of song that is perfect for a day drive or walk. Very summery and relaxing.


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Thee Oh Sees- Intercepted Message

Nothing truly makes me happier than literally anything DEVO-adjacent, and by golly is this single DEVO-adjacent. Thee Oh Sees, also known as their second moniker Osees, never fail to amaze me. You can never really know how hardcore or eclectic their next album will sound like, and that’s just part of the Osees magic.

-DJ John F. Spinnedy

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Hannah Jadagu - Dreaming

After watching Hannah Jadagu open for Faye Webster at the Factory in Deep Ellum, rocking what music she released at the time and a grueling cover of Breakeven by the Script, I was just about ready to say she was my favorite new artist. I’ll ‘Say it Now,’ she is. Jadagu, based in NYC but originating from Mesquite TX, (sort of like an inverse of myself) released one of the best debut albums I have heard in a long time. Aperture still holds the bedroom pop charm Jadagu displayed with her first EP recorded all on her iPhone 7. With improved production, a voice that only continues to impress, and a mastery of the genre from the noisy guitar to the ambiguously relatable lyrics, it’s hard to not wonder if you’re Dreaming listening to something so good. Maybe, Start Believing in what you can see.

-DJ Rat

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My Southern Girl - Smothered

I'm eagerly awaiting another full-length project from Denton sapphic rockers Smothered, and this single is a very promising preview. Their exploration of the sordid side of sexuality continues, and lead singer Taylor Watt's gruff vocals sell it well.

-DJ Dart Bowl

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