KVRX"s Fav Singles of February

KVRX"s Fav Singles of February

March 2, 2024 in DJ Picks

by DJ rat

We love February not just for the collected calm that winter brings and the romantic outpour of Valentine's day, but also for the continued trot into the new year and the new creations artists continue to showcase. Here's some of the best singles released this month.

Glassing - Defacer

Glassing are an ATX trio, they’re currently on a winter tour, slowly releasing new heavy gems that are sure to change the game for Black Metal artists in TX. They’ll be closing off their tour on March 10th at the 13th floor - it should be sick.

-dj mellow

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Glixen - foreversoon

i love shoegaze, i love glixen, i love february. i was fr geeked when they dropped this earlier in the month. heavy noise and soft vocals are a match made in heaven. it’s a very moody song so it’s perfect for whatever your love-season vibe is. such awesomeness.

- dj loganator

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Aizeks - Blackout Drunk

Blackout Drunk is my favorite track from Aizeks' new EP, Exit 6. Featuring vocals from rappers FiveFingersNoah and leavelucalone, the song is a really fun combination of hip hop and dance music! Aizeks has recently been making waves as a producer in the underground hip hop scene through his involvement with the collectives KG and Killstreak Certified, but this song serves as a reminder that he's a great artist in his own right too.

-DJ Gwormph

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Hans Gruber and the Die Hards - Randy Scouse Git

A wicked fun Monkees cover from what is probably my favorite punk band in all of Austin. They have some seriously infectious energy in their songs, enough to make ME, a quiet, socially awkward radio DJ want to get up and mosh. Generally super awesome stuff overall!

-DJ Supertramp

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Static Slums - Pavement

Static Slums is an alternative rock band from Houston, Texas. Their recent single, Pavement, stood out to me because of its super groovy beat and style. The lead singer sings passionately and their voice seems inspired by Mr. Julian Casablancas.

-DJ bat

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Glaive - huh

It has been years since Glaive bursted into the hyperpop scene as a 15 year old, and much of the hype and anticipation around him has died down by now - but his new track 'huh' sees Glaive returning to his roots while also bringing his unique sound that he's developed over the past few years. 'huh' is a short, energetic, and fun track that features boyish vocals and heavy electronic production that is very reminiscent of the 2020 hyperpop era. Glaive's signature raw and whiny vocals also dominate the track, making for a catchy chorus that sticks in your head even for hours after your first listen.

-DJ Wonderbread

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The Point. - Leaving

I am impressed by every song that The Point. produces; they are always filled with unique and energetic instrumentation that's super sweet to the ears. In this new single, their sound can be compared to that of Thee Sacred Souls, with vocals that lean into a mix between indie-rock and soul accompanied by upbeat instrumentals. This song sounds like a sunny day out at the park: perfect listening for this warm February and the rest of spring.

-DJ Lemonhead

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The 4411 - Straight North

The 4411 are an Austin-based indie-folk duo that attend Texas State. I discovered them at their free concert here on UT campus last week where they promoted voter registration for the upcoming preliminary elections. They played their newest single “Straight North”, which is a lyrically beautiful song about craving change that builds into a beautiful climax of horns and folk strings. I felt that them using their small platform to advocate for Texan student’s voters rights was commendably positive to our community. This single dropped less than two weeks ago and they are competing at a Battle of the Bands at TXST on March 6th!

- dj daydream

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Pelvis Wrestley - Found a Friend

There's a lot to be said about Austin artist Pelvis Wrestley's newest album. Most of which has already been said on KVRX's blog. I'll keep it straightforward. The first track, Found a Friend on their latest project sticks in my head because of the beautiful siren-like chorus, muted electric guitar, and building drums that elude to the parade-like wonder of twee 2000s indie mixed with the sounds of fantasy triumph. It's comforting before you dive into the lyrics which tell the story of reliance and a dependence on love. It's beautiful and those who have followed Pelvis know it's only a sliver of magic the young artist has showcased.

-dj rat

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Art created by Sharanya Gupta

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