KVRX's fav singles of January!

KVRX's fav singles of January!

January 30, 2024 in DJ Picks

by DJ rat

2024 is here! Texans went through the coldest month of the year, the return of school, and.. a new semester at KVRX!! Our DJs picked up right where they left off listening to their favorite track and sharing it with anyone they can. Here's some of the songs we at KVRX have been streaming non-stop since they released.

Michael Marcagi - Scared to start

Michael Marcagi has a similar vibe to Noah Kahan. His song “Scared to Start” reminds me of The Lumineers and being out in nature.


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Blood Estate - Faith

Winter is shoegaze season. perfect song to blast in your headphones with your hands in your pockets and stuff. light, dreamy vocals paired with crunchy guitar feedback. lurv ittttt.

- dj loganator

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ruzlxn - BONES - Sped Up

Met this guy at a local underground show he came to do videography at, turns out I've been listening to his music for years, Super talented artist, and this song is a slower track off of his unreleased project.

- DJ paperview

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21 Savage, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin - née-nah

21 Savage's "née-nah" showcases three artists at their absolute best. Metro Boomin turns a Malcolm McLaren sample into a dark, bouncy and wonderfully produced beat alongside a verse from Travis Scott full of clever wordplay and hard-hitting punchlines, one his strongest features in years. However, the true highlight of this song is 21 Savage, as he proves why he's one of the most influential and talented rap artists of this generation with a verse reminiscent of his older, darker songs; a breath of relief after his last project with Drake, for sure.

-DJ Clandestino

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FORAGER - Fuji or a Trek

This song quickly became one of my most played from the moment I came across it earlier this month. The track's methodical, dramatic tempo changes and reflective lyrics represent how terrifying it can be to grow up. Addictive harmonies and grounded vocals allowed me to feel the portrayed emotion and story so so deeply. Like, damn! Being an adult is so scary haha! "Fuji or a Trek" is a track from the Brooklyn based group's debut album, Pipedream Firewood (italicize album title) and may or may not cause you to face an identity crisis while simultaneously dancing around your room.

- DJ Maia

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Feathervane - My Mind Midnight Remix

He is very talented and I think this project shows where this year is gonna take him. The remix is something that while not being an original song, it showscases Simons talent.

- DJ Grafiter

Simón. really good and awesome probably the most talented person at kvrx. very good at remixing.

-DJ natothee

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Michael Hakim - Beruit Baby

Song will drop this Friday. I’ve got Middle Eastern roots but don’t listen to much Arabic music. This is very interesting to me because it’s a mix of English and Arabic.

-DJ Z (Again!)

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IDLES - Gift Horse

I AM SO GOSH DARNED EXCITED FOR THIS NEW ALBUM! I’m convinced this is Bowen & Joe Tablot’s finest work yet. Love is the fing!!!

DJ John F. Spinnedy

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Adrianne Lenker - Sadness As A Gift

A beautiful song about loss. Feels relevant for many kinds of grief.

-dj trash panda

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Sen Morimoto ft.Lala Lala, Kara jackson, Qari - Tastes like it Smells

Morimoto's self titled album has been a constant repeat for the past couple of months. The different layers that encompass his execution of jazz fused rap is sooo sonically pleasing to me!! I found out recently that he was taught sax by THE Charles Neville, and self taught in every other instrument he plays. Absolutely Brilliant!!

-DJ Banana Slug

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bappy - 24

24 was the first song that I listened to this year, and it was a great way to start it off. The song combines midwest emo and hip-hop in a really unique way that's become super addicting to listen to. As a friend of bappy's, hearing how motivated they are going into this year has pushed me to work harder on my own music, and makes me very excited for things to come going forward!

-DJ Gwormph

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The Secret Sisters - Same Water

Confession; I have been on a country kick lately. I genuinely believe it’s a good genre when done right!!! The Secret Sisters’ new single “Same Water” has so much life to it, ringing with influences of old country music through their emotionally profound vocals and lyrics, while also sounding fresh through elements like electric guitar. I anticipate their new album, Mind, Man, Medicine, which will be released on March 29th!

- DJ Matty G

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Megan thee Stallion - HISS

Literally one of the HTX baddies. Not only did she clear but she looked good doing it.

-dj dice

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Kavinsky - Nightcall

Halloween-y song from a French DJ. Great duet between female and male voices.

- DJ Dirt

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Disaster Artist - Deathwish

The latest single from two identical twins in Philly who make music. They tend to have a more distortion-laden sound and this is one of their first ventures with acoustic. Pretty good stuff if you ask me.

-DJ Supertramp

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Reneé Rap & Megan Thee Stallion - Not My Fault

Okay listen this song is actually so catchy and fun! It gets you moving and emanates good vibes, yes it is from the new Mean Girls movie soundtrack.

-dj dawg

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Cheekface - Grad School

"Grad School" is a song off of indie rock trio Cheekface's 4th and newest album "It's Sorted", released January 22nd. The whole album is filled with funky, bouncy guitar riffs that combine wonderfully with lead vocals Greg Katz's talk-singing style, but Grad School is one of many standouts with its somewhat bleak, anxious musings about the state of society backed by guitar that is stylistically reminiscent of 2010 indie rock and a perfect amount of brass and bass. Cheekface is touring with yungatita this year, with an Austin tour date at Parish May 22nd, with additional dates in Houston and Dallas.

-DJ Birdbrain

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Molly Lewis, Thee Sacred Souls - Crushed Velvet

I'm not always an instrumental person, but this song drew me in from the get-go. I shouldn't call it an instrumental, because the main draw of the song is Molly Lewis' signature whistling that creates the dreamy aura of this track. Her talent combined with the sickly-sweet backing of Thee Sacred Souls' instrumentation gives this song a beautiful depth that moves you without using words. Listening to this song is like being in the Wild West, outer space, and a jazz cafe all at the same time.

-DJ Lemonhead

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Smothered - A Splinter

Smothered continues to deliver some of the most unique Rock in Texas on "A Splinter." As vocalist Taylor Watt's performance crescendos alongside a lush wall of heavy guitar, driving strings, and free-wheeling textural piano, I realize that I have no band to compare them to: The brutal, emotional core of Smothered is something only they could share. I feel lucky to have discovered them at Pearl Street in 2022, and I'm looking forward to finally getting my hands on their second album later this year.

-DJ Dart Bowl

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Zoe McKeever - Upside Backwards

Based in both Tennessee and Texas, Zoe McKeever's folk and country roots shine through in her first-ever single, "Upside Backwards." Behind a voice that is simultaneously lilting and firm, the momentous guitar and production work together to deliver a track that is both reflective and uplifting. Every facet of this song leaves a lasting impact, but the songwriting in particular proves as a triumph. The personal yet universal images chronicle the feeling of being on the periphery of belonging and understanding; Zoe is a singer-songwriter worthy of marking her single release dates in your calendar.

-DJ Twang

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Mockjaw - SITW

Mockjaw hive we're so lit!! The talented Austin Jazz quartet have finally released their first single on Spotify. It's a short tease of the amazing music that is on the horizon for the incredibly talented young group. The band celebrated the release with a listening party which KVRX was thankfully able to cover. The track is fun and playful and I'm in love.

-DJ Rat

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Art created by Sharanya Gupta

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