KVRX's Favorite Love Songs

KVRX's Favorite Love Songs

February 14, 2024 in DJ Picks

by DJ rat

Happy belated Valentine's Day from the KVRX family. Obviously as a radio station we love, most songs... BUT we love love songs the best. Here's a list of our favorite love songs in honor of the most romantic time of the year.

Monsieur Periné - Bailar Contigo

The lyrics are really vibrant and so beautifully descriptive! The vocalist and upbeat instrumental is just so sweet to me.


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Galimatias - Everytime

“Everytime” is the closing track off of the debut solo album from Galimatias, “Renaissance Boy.” With the most vulnerable lyrics on the project, he tells the story of someone who comforts an ex after they experience a personal tragedy. Regardless of any difficulties faced during a relationship, someone who truly loves you will always be there for you, especially in your darkest hour. By the end, the two reconcile, wrapping up what is one of the most interesting love songs I think I’ve ever heard. It is among my favorites for that very reason. I like it when a love song is cute and romantic, but Gali opts to instead uniquely highlight how love can be a savior in a devastating situation.

- DJ Sinewaver

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Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place

the lyrics are just so effin sweet. like you’ve got light in your eyes?? and you’re standing here beside me??? i love the passing of time????? cute. it’s such a fun and happy song. the live version from ‘stop making sense’ is even better because of the backing vocals. perfection.

-dj loganator

José josé - La barca

Beautiful lyrics, good instrumental, josé josé’s voice.

- DJ Marz Musique

Björk - All is Full of Love

Bc björk is amazing and this is about the nurturing type of love everyone deserves that’s universal between friendships/romantic relationships/family etc. <3

-Dj Phastphalanges

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Pastoria - Colour of love

This song embodies not just the loved shared between others, but the love of life itself! It may be less than a year old, but I've already made so many great memories with friends where it's served as the soundtrack. In a world where shorter songs are becoming the norm, Colour of love's six minute runtime feels like it flies by in no time. It's simple yet incredibly detailed soundscape completely absorbs me into the song's world, one that I wish I could stay in for far longer.

- DJ Gwormph

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Cass Elliot - Didn't Want To Have to Do It

Sorrowful and wistful; Cass Elliot sings remorsefully about not wanting to break her lover's heart. I think the song's appeal lies in the way Elliot beautifully sings about the end of a relationship, though the love is still there, it must end. There can be beauty found even in the conclusion of things.

-DJ Mempichi

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Into My Arms

heartfelt and beautiful

-dj trash panda

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99 Neighbors - Coughing Up Smoke

It's has characteristics of a ballad, while having solid R&B vocals, a nice piano loop, and extremely good vocals from everyone in the group, beautiful backing vocals from Sofia Darovskikh, and a great mix that doesn't bore you. (The album, Television, is great too!)

-DJ paperview

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This Mortal Coil - Kangaroo

The lyrics sound ripped from a diary entry, its incredibly vulnerable. The arrangement of the song also makes it seem somehow both very stripped back and elaborately produced. Like the best love songs, it sounds directed to someone, a serenade to a loved one. I'm yapping, but basically, this song just gets me in my feels.

-DJ Ferndog

The Beatles Real Love - Anthology 2

the pacing, the chord progression, the emotion. it’s fills my heart!!

-DJ Beechner

Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U

so good crazy vocals like i don’t know what more to say you have to listen to it

-dj silkworm

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

reminds me of everyone i love ever

- dj hot topic

Beachwood Sparks (original Sade) - By Your Side

it is my favorite song from scott pilgrim vs the world and i was obsessed w it my sophomore year of high school and it’s super sweet and sounds very satisfying!

-dj smiles

Bea, Iván fergón - Love looks great on you

It has a beautiful sound it’s in Spanglish which I love and it has a whimsical vibe that reminds me of being in love

-Dj Laggzz

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The Daughters of Eve - Hey Lover

It’s a classic and it’s stuck in my head

-DJ Nour

Christopher Cross - Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do)

How can you not love Christopher Cross? The wholeness of love and life is to be found “between the moon and New York City” 💗

-DJ John F. Spinnedy

Dee Dee Sharp - I Really Love You

simple yet grand, beautiful and mesmerizing

-dj mellow

The Cure - Lovesong

I think that this song is so wholesome and captures this really pure feeling of love while also being beautifully produced and a gothic banger. I also love robert smith.

-dj moon rocks

Tim Buckley - Love from Room 109 at the Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway)

It sounds otherworldly; I don’t even know how to explain it. You just have to sit down and listen to it, doing absolutely nothing else. It commands its own atmosphere, with the sounds of the ocean fading into the night as he confesses to his lover that she makes him feel complete, and that he will be endlessly waiting for her. It’s just so romantic and SO GOOD!!! Tim Buckley was insanely amazing at his craft and this song is everything to me!!! <3

- Matty G

Clock Machine - She’s Got It

I like the voice of the vocalist and the guitars in the song. The lyrics are also pretty effusive and you can feel the emotion when you listen to them.

- DJ Bear

Joni Mitchell - Blue Motel Room

I love this track because it has a desperation and candidness i don’t hear much in love songs and their lyrics, especially in the way she presents herself on many of her songs about love (including this one) as unapologetically self-possessed. The lyricism on this track really hits for me because it’s one of many songs by Joni that paint insanely vivid images using limited and very carefully chosen words to set the scene, but with a more streamlined and easy sound rather than more a complicated arrangement. To top it all off, this song could easily be a jazz standard if it gained more notoriety, which is crazy to me considering this is the first song she wrote and released which was straight vocal jazz, pre-dating her first official jazz album released 3 years later.

-DJ Rick Moranis

Jason Isbell - Cover Me Up

My dad used to play it all of my childhood and it always kind of went over my head. When I had my first breakup I would listen to it on the drive back from dance acting like I was in a movie thinking my life was deeper than it was. Years later when I had my first real heartbreak it reappeared in my rotation. It’s funny because in reality its a song about finding love and how it healed Isbell’s alcoholism, but somehow the melancholy of it always reached me when I wasn’t feeling that love. Now I listen and its like a blanket of comfort with this bittersweet feeling of lost and found love- it makes me hopeful but also soothes the pain of loneliness. Also the ACL Live performance is so beautiful you should absolutely check it out.


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Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra - Somethin' Stupid

I love this love song. My admiration for this track was born from Tik Tok Better Call Saul edits, I've seen breaking bad but have not yet seen Better Call Saul. I just think the song is so adorable and I only recently found out that it's song with his daughter, I was under the presumption that Nancy would be his wife because I have no clue any Frank lore and the lyrics don't give any indication that it's his daughter. A bit of a tangent but the song is pretty and the encapsulates the slow burn friends to lover media trope in a cute song so effortlessly. It also has the old timey sound that illudes so much nostalgia it's such a pleasing listen every time.

-dj rat

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