KVRX's List of TX Hispanic Artists YOU Should Know

KVRX's List of TX Hispanic Artists YOU Should Know

October 19, 2023 in DJ Picks

by DJ rat

Just because Hispanic Heritage month is over doesn't mean you can stop supporting Hispanic Artists. Here's a list of Hispanic Artists making awe-inspiring music today who YOU need to be listening to.

Worst Behavior

With their driving rhythms and crashing drums, Worst Behavior is certainly not on theirs. This band from the 956 exemplifies the metal and hardcore movement coming out of the Rio Grande Valley right now. Selfish Lover and Walk in Circles are the perfect headbangers for your weekend.

-Dj Kitty

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Cilantro Boombox

Somewhere between a Latin-jazz group, a rhythm section and a funk band, rests the unique sound of Cilantro Boombox. This Austin-based band has gained quite a bit of recognition in the local scene for their energetic live performances, and have been featured at SXSW, KUTX, and more. Their mixing of Pan-African and Latin elements into their music with electronic beats make listening to them just infectious.

-Dj Kitty

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The Bralettes

The Bralettes is an all-girl bubblegum punk trio out of Oak Cliff, Texas consisting of singer/guitarist Paulina Costilla, singer/bassist Molly Hernandez and drummer Andy Cantu. On their album Cheers!, the group embraces girliness while blending the sounds of punk and garage to convey messages about sexual harassment, girlhood and coming-of-age. Crowds in Dallas gather en masse when this local favorite is slated to perform.

-DJ Lemonhead

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Mexican Coke

Houston-based hardcore band Mexican Coke has exceptional energy in their music, cranked to the max with striking drums and guitar riffs that ring in your ear even after listening to their songs, making you want more. Their music makes you feel like you’re in a void, intensely feeling every emotion you have, which becomes cathartic at the end of their songs as you feel like you’re fading out of that void with having a completely immersive experience. They have already received great acclaim from their live shows and are bound to blow up!

-DJ Matty G

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DJ Hierba Malita

DJ Hierba Malita or Luya Moreno is a KVRX alum and former blog director that I, unknowingly at the time, was graced with their presence earlier this semester. From 2010s rappers like Big Sean to breakout bands like Groupo Frontera this Latinx artist curates sounds new and old that have listeners on the dance floor before they know it. DJ Heriba Malita not only performs live but on-air with their bimonthly deep cuts radio show Baile Studies under Shared Frequencies Radio.

- DJ razzle red

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Girl in a Coma

Girl in a Coma is in their final days but their sound will last for generations to come. The once broken-up band has come back together for their “Final Curtain” tour. With the musical stylings of Nirvana and The Smiths even opening for Morrissey himself. This San Antonio-based Chicana band has paved the way for emerging Latinx artists. Their songs “El Monte” and “Their Cell” will surely make you miss them before they're gone.

-DJ razzle red

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Lesly Reynaga

In a flash of folkloric flair, Mexican-born and Texas-based Lesly Raynaga’s debut Valerosa effortlessly blends traditional mariachi rhythms and resounding vocals with a more modern sound. Raynaga’s room-engulfing voice pays homage to Latin greats like Juan Gabriel, taking their larger-than-life singing style and letting it resonate over electronic pop beats on tracks like A Lo Alto and Me Mata. Closing her album with pure, trumpet-centered mariachi anthem México, Me México, Raynaga works hard to educate new generations on the beauty of classic Mexican music. Playing her second ACL this past weekend, Reynaga is a rising star worth keeping your eye on.

-DJ Duderanch

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Como Las Movies

Como Las Movies is a highly energetic Austin-based quartet led by chief songwriter Nelson Valente Aguilar. The group combines traditional Latin influences with a contemporary sound that draws listeners into their dreamy, colorful soundscape. With a bit of everything from indie pop to cumbia to electronic genres, Como Las Movies attracts a wide audience with an amazingly funky signature sound that is sure to leave a lasting mark. Watch out for their newest full-length vinyl album, "Como Las Singles," dropping on November 3rd for more amazing stuff.

- DJ Maia

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A revitalization of Cumbia's sound Nemegata, Austin's newly formed Latin Trio, has fueled the fusion-enriched flames of central TX. The band's newest album Voces, is a breakout hit from a group with a tenured history in Austin's music scene. Their musical complexity has produced an entirely new sound that is unfamiliar to residents of the music capital. The future of the genre ironically has their eyes in the past, "The Future is our Roots -- E; Futuro es la Raíz:" the simplified message of the band. Nemegata's vision is for a connected Latin culture in Texas, one that appreciates history before colonization and builds from the past.

-Dj Rat

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Mujeres Podridas

Based in Austin, Texas, the Valley native, Mujeres Podridas is a Mexican punk band that has shown out with their album “Muerte en Paraíso.” The frontwoman of the band, Dru Molina, explodes through the songs as she sings only in Spanish. Inspired heavily by Mexican cumbia, the mix between two genres of music is what has made Mujeres Podridas strictly their own sound.

-Dj natothee

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Flavor hour

Houston-based band Flavor Hour is an all Mexican American band that has popped off with releasing indie singles in the past year. Often seen performing at (C)rave, a Houston music event with the premise of mixing reggaetón and rave, Flavor Hour’s strong Mexican identity has always been proudly strutted wherever they go.

-Dj natothee

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Southwest Houston hardcore band “Lie” is one of the youngest breakout bands out right now. Touring all over Texas and Los Angeles, the band has been infamous for playing traditional mariachi music in the beginning of their sets before switching to their hard hitting sounds in seconds.

-Dj natothee

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Peligrosa dj collective

Peligrosa began in December 2007, bringing together DJs, producers, and visual artists to revive the rich cultural heritage of Latin America through music and art. They aim to honor the ancient sounds by highlighting their beauty and uniqueness, making them meaningful for contemporary audiences in Austin for over 10 years.

-Dj natothee

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