Library Picks: October 2018

Library Picks: October 2018

October 4, 2018 in DJ Picks

by DJ Dedalus

Over the last 30 years, KVRX has slowly accumulated an impressive library of vinyl and CDs. With genres ranging from rock to jazz to traditional Haitian music, the KVRX library has something for everyone. Every month, KVRX’s librarian highlights five items that we hold in our massive collection. Here are this month’s picks:

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AMERICAN FOOTBALL –  American Football EP  (1998)

Fall has arrived and it’s time to cry. Yes, this is the debut EP of the one and only true kings of suburban angst American Football. You don’t know the meaning of TWINKLY guitars until you listen to American Football because their guitar licks are SPARKLING. The original review of this little emo gem is a hilariously short pan dismissing them as a Joan of Arc rip-off.  Little did this late 90’s KVRX hipster know that, in less than twenty years, every sad white boy with divorced parents would try to imitate this sound and fail miserably.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – The City of Soundsville: Music from The Powerpuff Girls (2001)

Ugh. The soundtrack to The Powerpuff Girls is too good. Zany, dramatic drum’n’bass is mashed next to cartoonish, sweet strings. This album is not a traditional soundtrack, but remixes common themes from the show with vocal snippets. So if Mojo Jojo laughing maniacally on top of glitched-out drum beats sounds like a dope mix, check this majestic album out.

JANDEKLost Cause (1992)

For fans of experimental rock music, it is hard not to find something to love on these early Jandek records. His defiantly untrained guitar playing makes every song an unpredictable experience. Sparse, vaguely bluesy riffs are Jandek’s style of choice for Lost Cause. His characteristically off-kilter vocal style is in full display throughout. The final improvisational track “The Electric End” is particularly thrilling. The noisy, incessant guitar riffs paired with Jandek’s yelps sound like a cross between “Sister Ray” and a Three Stooges episode. (Check out DJ Pavlov's Library Picks video for his take on this record!)

PREFAB SPROUT  Two Wheels Good  (1985)

Prefab Sprout break out the top-shelf jangle and synth pop (technically called sophisti-pop but let’s be honest that is a dumb genre name) jams on Two Wheels Good. This album was titled Steve McQueen in the UK, but the label was worried they would get sued by the King of Cool himself. Today, the only thing this album could be sued for is being too damn catchy. Gorgeous pop tunes like “When Love Breaks Down” and “Appetite” dig their way into your soul and make you a better person. Fully immerse yourself within these glimmering synths and witty lyrics to feel the purest of joyful experiences.

SNOOPY’S CLASSIKS ON TOYSSnoopy’s Beatles (1994)

Oh wow. Um. Remember Kidz Bop? This is a Beatles cover album performed with toy instruments and young children on the vocals. Snoopy is involved somehow, but it is unclear. Maybe he produced the album. Maybe he played the toy xylophone. It will remain a mystery. Anyway, it is endearing in its own jarring, borderline abrasive way. It reminds me a bit of Beat Happening if they were fronted by the kids from Wonder Showzen. I would definitely recommend this record for fans of early Daniel Johnston instrumentals and masochism.

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