March Singles of the Month

March Singles of the Month: + KVRX's Favorite songs of March

April 8, 2024 in DJ Picks

by DJ rat

As we continue the March towards the end of the semester, we academics and sometimes delinquents need an anthem to get our foot in front of the other. Here are KVRX's favorite songs released in March.

I Got Heaven - Mannequin Pussy

They are Mannequin Pussy, just bangers. Listened to the first 30 seconds and had a revelation. Idk what else to say.

-DJ Sunny

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Stick to My Strings - Ace Howell (ft. Squirrely B)

This song has been an insane earworm for the past couple weeks, I love it so much! The overarching guitar riff is so catchy as well as the beat! The lyrics harken to one’s desire to “stick to their strings”, or just sticking to what they know and staying strong by it, something very interesting in my opinion.

-DJ Tower Gnome

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One Night Stand - Adeem the Artist

There’s a shortage of queer country artists and songs, so it’s extremely refreshing to get an unabashedly gay country song with a sound that’s directly from my favorite era of 90s country. The album this is a lead single for is releasing on May 3rd, and it’s one of my most hotly anticipated albums of the year.

-DJ Funk

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Melatonin Lullaby - Kevin Polman

Kevin Polman was my science teacher for a number of years and though he tortured me with chemistry equations, he does know how to bless the ears with a good song! He deserves way more recognition for his blend of lyrical storytelling and satisfying guitar to accompany it. I love Melatonin Lullaby specifically because it’s relatable and such a nice listen.

-DJ Smiles

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Come Down - Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is an alternative rock band from Beckley, West Virginia and, though they have only released 4 singles, I have loved every single one. Their latest single, Come Down, features the band's dreamy vocals and distorted guitars which cultivate a shoegaze-like sound that sets this single apart from their others. For any fans of dream pop and shoegaze, this is definitely an artist to check out. I can't wait to see where the band goes from here, as they truly are one of my favorite bands at the moment, and how their sound will develop in the future.

-dj moon rocks

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88nights - youngteytey

88nights is the opening track to yungteytey's debut self-titled beat tape! Stepping away from his rap-focused project TEYO!, yungteytey allows his production tops to shine with a beat that feels like being tossed out of a window in a busy city while the wind lifts you high into the sky, letting you see the entire skyline. Maybe that description seems a little intense, but this song is so life-affirming and beautiful to me :)

-DJ Gwormph

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gently - Leah Rando

A self-described writer (can) can often leave their journal dormant in the fog of an adrift mind. One can only imagine the mental burden of a singer-songwriter whose writing engine comes from an intrinsic need to look within themselves and holistically examine the state of one's life.

That’s why a two-year gap between projects is warranted and welcomed when the lyrics and vibe curated are so deeply intimate. Such is the case for Leah Rando’s latest EP, at least sometimes. The five-song, 21-minute project song covers longing, isolation, and discovery.

Musical comparisons are a bit tiresome to me, but It would be a disservice to not mention the influence and likeness that Rando has with Angel Olsen and specifically her last album, Big Time.

Rando is tender in her words and graceful while gliding through the piano keys and gentle guitar chords. The standout track for me is gently a four-minute track describing an intimate moment and the powerful emotions behind every touch and every word. The fuzzy guitar pushes the tension of a moment long waited.

It’s a spectacular listen from top to bottom and an exciting return from the musician.

-Dj Rat

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Art created by Sharanya Gupta

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