Palestinian Artists You Should Know

Palestinian Artists You Should Know

January 2, 2024 in DJ Picks

by natothee

Since October 7, One in 100 people in Gaza has been killed. On 9 October Israel imposed a complete siege of Gaza, resulting in acute shortages of water, food, and medicines that threatened the survival of 2.3 million Palestinians and created a dire humanitarian crisis. With over 50 major countries calling the conflict between Palestine and Israel a Genocide, the support for those suffering has been immense worldwide. Within the music world, Palestinian artists have been standing up using their platform as musicians to bring attention to the tragedy. Here are some artists you should know.

Rania Khoury

Introducing Rania Khoury, the trailblazing Palestinian artist based in Dallas challenging pop stereotypes. Her first music video, “When You Say My Name,” is part of a collection that delves into the universal theme of human struggle. Raina shares, “Each track on this EP explores a different aspect of the challenges we’ve all encountered at some point in our lives.” The EP's sound is unlike Khoury's previous releases and incorporates more electronic pop influences.
 She has performed at several large events around Dallas-Fort Worth including Index Fest, Big Folkin' Fest and Wildflower Festival.

Follow Rania Khoury here.

Amira Jazeera

Amira Jazeera, a Palestinian-American singer-songwriter and producer, began creating music at 13 with GarageBand. Her 2019 debut single "Whoever" introduced her as the "Palestinian Pop Princess." Influenced by 80s and 00s pop, she blends dreamy synths and vintage drums, crafting a nostalgic yet fresh sound. Her smooth voice dances across dreamy soundscapes, exploring themes of love, empowerment, and identity.

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Neemz, a multifaceted artist from Boston, defies boundaries and embraces versatility, known for forging her unique path. Proudly representing Palestine and Boston, she transcends geographical barriers, making a notable impact in hip-hop by bringing forth an underrepresented culture.

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Sad Alex

Sad Alex, also known as Alex Saad, is a singer-songwriter known for her emotive and introspective indie-pop music. Her music often explores themes of vulnerability, heartbreak, and self-reflection, resonating with listeners through heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies. Alex Saad adopted the stage name "Sad Alex" as an artistic persona to express her emotional depth and connect with audiences on a personal level through her music

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Maz Lovella

The engaging artist Maz Lovella, a native of Fort Collins, Colorado, is well-known for fusing the rock and folk rock genres. She is a queer Palestinian artist and musician that first became known for her song “Evangeline.” The track unfolds as a heartfelt and passionate ode to a significant other, where the singer pours out their emotions with a compelling narrative. With poignant lyrics that express unwavering affection and dedication, the song captures the essence of longing and devotion. Each verse resonates with a sense of commitment, portraying the longing to be by Evangeline's side amidst challenges and opposition.

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Art created by Sharanya Gupta

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