Queer Texas Artists You Should Know

Queer Texas Artists You Should Know

June 30, 2024 in DJ Picks

by dj lemonhead

Pride month has come to a close, but KVRX is committed to the importance of supporting queer artists all year round. Texas' diverse soundscape would be nothing without its LGBTQ+ artists who pave the way for creativity and innovation.

Check out some our favorite queer Texas artists below.

Pelvis Wrestley

Pelvis Wrestley’s lead, Jammy Violet, has drawn upon their experiences as a nonbinary person during and after Trump’s presidency to create a style of Americana that wholeheartedly embraces queerness in America. Violet’s songwriting exemplifies the storytelling tradition of the genre but is expanded on by the addition of synth-pop inspired instrumentals and harmonies. The Austin-based band released their sophomore album, ANDY, or: The four Horsegirls of the Apocalypse, in February. This album explores themes of loss and the divine through the stories of a demigod, Andy. The project exemplifies both the sonic and ideological world-building that the band holds a knack for. You can catch them opening for Ray Bull’s Texas shows in September.

Follow Pelvis Wrestley here.

Mama Duke

A staple of Austin hip-hop, Mama Duke came to the city in 2013 to pursue her career in music. Influenced by her upbringing in Palacios and the music of her childhood, Mama Duke aims to dig deep with her introspective lyrics that explore their experiences as a queer, Black and Mexican woman in Texas and in Austin’s hip-hop scene. In addition to writing and performing music, Mama Duke is the founder of the ATX Social Club, a group that celebrates everything hip-hop for both artists and listeners.

Follow Mama Duke here.


Alexalone, a trio led by vocalist and guitarist Alex Peterson, dabbles in the complexities of taking soft, gentle music and turning it on its head to create chaotic and complex songs. Their performances display their clear knack for creating all-encompassing sonic textures. The three musicians weave their sounds together in drawn-out instrumentals that build uplifting atmospheres. There are no shortage of pedals at the feet of Peterson and bassist Andrew “Drewsky” Hulett, and drummer Sam Jordan constantly experiments with his set to create uncanny sound effects. Alexalone’s combination of forces never fails to take their audience on an emotional journey through musical soundscapes.

Follow alexalone here.

Prom Threat

Austin trio Prom Threat is reviving the spirit of riot grrrl with their punk/grunge blend. The band draws upon the DIY spirit of the genre, often popping up at shows they organize around Austin. The band released their most recent album, Firewalker, at the beginning of this summer. The EP’s five songs consist of gritty vocals paired with punchy bass lines and persistent drums - a formula that reflects the sound of some of the 90s most prominent femme rockers.

Follow Prom Threat here.


Dorian Delafuente, who performs under the stage name Babiboi, is a San Antonio-raised, Austin-based rapper and artist that brings queer club energy to their upbeat, always danceable tracks. Babiboi is a performer at heart; in addition to rapping, she also DJs and performs with queer art collective House of Lepore. They have made large strides in bringing Texas queer culture to a national stage, bringing ballroom performances all around the country and featuring in publications like Billboard and Paste. Whether it’s behind the soundboard, in the mic or on the dancefloor, Babiboi’s art is guaranteed to bring a good time.

Follow Babiboi here.

Nate Drop

Whether it be short stories, poetry or news articles, Houston-born Nate Drop has always been a writer. While he was sheltered from rap music growing up, he was introduced to music through gospel, funk and jazz. Now, he makes hip-hop with clear influences from all of these genres. His music is also inspired by the performances of other Houston artists like Fat Tony and the Tontons who cultivated energetic atmospheres at their shows. His latest album, 2024’s True Air, continues his tradition of making lover boy music with clever lyricism and beats that are easy on the ears.

Follow Nate Drop here.


Fantástico! is a Chicano pop-punk band from McAllen that has been making music since 2013. Led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Esther Martinez, the band has released three studio albums. Even though the group are veterans of their craft, their music still conveys the teenage dirtbag spirit that 2000s pop-punk goes hand in hand with. Martinez also performs as a solo artist, hoping to bring queer representation to the stage in many forms.

Follow Fantástico! here.


Promqueen is a pop artist who uses their music to reflect on and commemorate their experience growing up as a second-generation Vietnamese-American. Her music conveys stories of herself, her family, her loved ones and her culture. They sing in both Vietnamese and English just as she grew up speaking both. Their catchy and poignant lyrics are filled with promqueen’s pride in herself and her background.

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