Senior Sign-Off: DJ Mean

Senior Sign-Off: DJ Mean

May 17, 2021 in DJ Picks

by DJ Mean




Graduating with: BS in Radio-Television-Film and BA in Theatre

How did you first hear about or get involved with KVRX?

I didn't join KVRX until my Senior year! I love music and I had always wanted to join. I had some friends who were involved since their Freshman years. The beginning of senior year I tweeted about how I've always wanted to be a DJ, and the lovely Abby Escobar (DJ UFO) replied. There was an info meeting that night! The meeting was awesome and made me even more excited to be a DJ, so I joined the Discord and the rest is history.

What shows have you had on KVRX?

sweaty cowboy — Fall 2020, Spring 2021 — Freeform

Every episode was themed around something that makes you sweaty.

the grocery store — Spring 2021 — CP

I interviewed local musicians through the theme of grocery shopping.

What is your favorite KVRX memory?

I love listening to Mother Momentum on Tuesday nights and watching everyone get so excited in the Discord. If you've never listened to Mother Momentum, you've missed out!

I wouldn't say this is a specific memory, but everyone I've met who is in KVRX is amazing. Every DJ is so kind and talented!

Tell us about your final playlist!

My final show will be about change.

Change in my life has always been marked by music.

I will be exploring the songs that were most important to me during my college journey!

— Yessmeen Moharram

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