Senior Sign-Off: DJ Sugar Snappy

Senior Sign-Off: DJ Sugar Snappy

May 22, 2021 in DJ Picks

by DJ Sugar Snappy




Graduating with: BS in Textiles and Apparel

How did you first hear about or get involved with KVRX?

I heard about it through friends.

What shows have you had on KVRX?

Real Analysis — Spring 2021 — Specialty

with DJ Muscle Cramps

What is your favorite KVRX memory?

Spending Friday nights with one of my favorite comrades, DJ Muscle Cramps.

Tell us about your final playlist!

The curated songs you see in this playlist is a quick synopsis of my musical journey from high school to college.

I am not a person who settles.

With that being said, I constantly look for something different. I think you see that in my playlist. Some of the songs were discovered by people I interact or interacted with, some of them were discovered through the world of Spotify... I hope you enjoy these tunes as each of them elicits an invaluable memory.

— Sarah (Heejung) An

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