Senior Sign-Off: DJ UFO

Senior Sign-Off: DJ UFO

May 12, 2021 in DJ Picks

by dj ufo




Graduating with: BS in Public Health

How did you first hear about or get involved with KVRX?

One night while on a party bus for an unnamed organization, an older friend who I didn't know so well admitted to having stalked my Spotify. Alumna Shamika Kurian, my soul sister and dearest mentor, told me that I must join KVRX. She was Programming Director at the time and promised to introduce me to everyone at the station. I went to the next KVRX general meeting and the rest is history. That moment was completely meant to be.

What shows have you had on KVRX?

Sounds Like a Fever Dream — Spring 2019 — Freeform
5 AM show during which I played mostly shoegaze/slowcore

Romance et Cetera — Summer 2019 - Spring 2021 — Specialty
My most beloved specialty show, playing love songs of all genres but mostly folk

Mediumz — Fall 2020 — Talk Show
with alumnus DJ Renoir

What is your favorite KVRX memory?

In December 2019, we had a "Winter Ball" show at Barracuda. I was so excited as one of my favorite Austin-based artists, Lefty Parker, was on the set. Beforehand I had yelled at him to play "Maria," his best and most beautiful folk song. It is really slow and he said he wouldn't do it. Later during the show, all of my dearest friends yelled and sang and danced around and were just overjoyed in friendship. I even connected with current Music Director, Cole Hunt for one of the first times. Then, at the end of Lefty Parker's set, he played “Maria.” It was so emotionally potent for me it felt like an energy ball of love straight to the heart. I danced freely alone near the front of the stage.

That moment will stick with me as a cornerstone of youth and lightness. It's one of my favorite concerts ever and truly attests to the magic that surrounds KVRX events.

Tell us about your final playlist!

I'm playing all of my most favorite love songs. Love songs I want to hear at my wedding, when I'm giving birth, all of the important moments. The playlist begins with "I'd Have You Anytime" by George Harrison, which is the track that held my first Romance et Cetera promo. Another favorite is the first song I ever remember hearing, "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" by Elton John. A lot of these songs will be dedicated to my dearest loved ones and I look forward to explaining just why they have had such a profound impact on me. I'm ending the set with "True Love Waits (live in Oslo)" by Radiohead. It might seem tacky, because it is, but it's an idea I've had for over a year and I want to honor that sentiment. I'm going to try not to cry, but I'm sure it'll happen. My intention is for every listener to feel deeply loved and experience the heart-warmth I'm trying to relay with these songs.

— Abby Escobar

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