Singles we at KVRX are thankful came out this November

Singles we at KVRX are thankful came out this November

December 8, 2023 in DJ Picks

by DJ rat

Just a lot to be thankful for this year, but your fav releasing a hit to end the year is probably at the top of the list.

A.L. West - Lake Song

An Austin-based band: A.L. West released a brand new album today (11/10/2023) entitled "The Store", Lake Song being its first single. This project is created by Daniel Bryson whose songwriting and vocals blend melodic meaning through rhythmic guitar strums and powerful drum fills. The album is recorded solo, with Daniel playing all the instruments, and it was produced by Spirit Research which is a new local art direction & music production project run by Alex Peterson (of the polyvinyl-signed band AlexAlone). The record was recorded by local sound engineer Connor Schwanke and A.L.West frequently performs as a solid live band with Benton Kaufman, Trent Bownds, Dylan Moore in the lineup. The A.L. West full band is touring Texas this week with a return show on 11/13 at Sagebrush which will be a rare solo performance by Daniel.

-DJ Starry Eyes

Follow A.L. West on Instagram here.

Mannequin Pussy - sometimes

Mannequin pussy’s third single heading their upcoming album provides a mellow but punky sound that rounds out the collection of songs from their approaching release. It’s got a great danceable beat with ever so melancholy lyrics— an MP special— and upholds my hopes that this album will be a MASTERPIECE.

- dj silkworm

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Spector - The Notion

I love a mellow track for the fall, so of course I'm loving Spector’s new record ‘the notion’. the vocals are very solid, very chill, and- oh my god? who put together that beautiful background composition? spoiler, it was dev hynes, aka blood orange, aka the musical love of my life. also there’s a little distorted bit near the end that makes my shoegaze-obsessed heart skip a lil beat.

-dj loganator

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Tara Clerking Trio - The Turning Ground

Tara Clerkin Trio released an experimental, psych-pop EP early this November. Each song is lush with sound; but the title track, The Turning Ground, truly immerses itself into a wide spectrum of musical elements. The track opens with acoustic guitar and soon unravels into a culmination of pulsing bass, spacey synths, and electronica. Tara Clerkin’s airy, ethereal vocals soon cut through this avant-garde atmosphere to create a sound akin to Shoegaze. The Trio’s music captivates; it may even cause head-bopping!

- DJ Twang

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SHEBAD - Patience

Canada-based musical group SHEBAD brings such a fresh perspective to every song they put out there, and the movement of this song in particular really brings meaning and serves as a reminder of the track's title. Each shift in the arrangement is unexpected yet intriguing. "Patience" is a danceable song with duality, packed with both excitement and reflection.

- DJ Maia

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Tiny Habits - Small Enough

This song just reminds me of long walks and jumping into puddles in my rain boots. My favorite verse in this song is, “The longer I live without it, the lighter its weight.”

- dj razzle red

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Megan Thee Stallion - Cobra

CW themes of suicide and self harm

"Breakin' down and I had the whole world watchin' -- But the worst part is really who watched me -- Every night I cried, I almost died -- And nobody close tried to stop it."

Megan Thee Stallion's Cobra gives an unfiltered reflection on a traumatic year that saw the Houston star in the spotlight for reasons unfamiliar to her for the first time in her career. Described as an unsuspecting "rock bottom," Megan recounts a tumultuous time in her life, abandoned by her support group and left to fend for herself. Largely centered around her ex-boyfriend's infidelity, driven with the chorus " This pussy depressed, hmm, I'm about to stress him," Megan allows herself to feel as depressed, turning her absence of joy into power, giving fans hope for the future.

-dj Rat

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Art created by Sharanya Gupta

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