What We're Spinning

What We're Spinning

November 2, 2018 in DJ Picks

by Sam Bridgers

Our Music Directors compile weekly charts of the top most played albums on the station.


1. La Luz - Floating FeaturesFloating Features represents La Luz's most ambitious and self-exemplifying work. REC: 2, 5, 6


2. Snail Mail - LushRecent high school graduate Snail Mail effortlessly oscillates between tracks of confidence and contemplation. REC: 2


3. Triathalon - OnlineOnline covers the difficulties that come with balancing life as an artist and as a normal person, plus how the internet can affect them. REC: 4, 9, 3


4. U.S. Girls - In A Poem UnlimitedU.S. Girls' forward-thinking take on pop makes you want to dance and feel empowered at the same time. REC: 5, 1, 2

5. serpentwithfeet - soilVisiting serpentwithfeet's self-contained world is beautiful and evocative. REC: 6, 8, 2, 5, 7, 11


6. TC Superstar - Heat Death The holistic TC Superstar experience has been polished - emphasizing their dance and groovy sound. REC: 5, 1


7. Marmalakes - Please Don't Stop
This record, while not the most revolutionary in design, houses catchy hooks and feel good bops that remind you why life's good. REC: 4, 6, 7, 9


8. The Nightowls - We Are The NightowlsA fun upbeat album with shades of classic funk and 80s/90s pop soul. REC: 1, 7


9. The Essex Green - Hardly ElectronicAt times, it sounds remarkably like The New Pornographer's Mass Romantic. REC: 1, 3


10. Post Animal - When I Think of You In A CastleThis album has influences from just about every facet of psych. REC: 2, 6, 10

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