Interviewing DLG. @ SXSW

Interviewing DLG. @ SXSW

April 15, 2023 in Features

by hierba malita


Dave De La Garza aka DLG. is an Austin-born singer-songwriter based in LA. Currently releasing two songs per month as a challenge, his music is abundant. His easy-going electronic style has a tune for everyone.

This is an in-booth radio interview from SXSW 2023. LISTEN HERE N YOU WILL NOT REGRET! Speak of routines, his new personal challenge, and more!!!


Luya Moreno

This was the first song I played on radio by him a couple years ago <3: DEFINITELY LISTENNNN!

Thank U DLG. & Management for ur time!! It was so good to have you in booth :3

Stream DLG.'s steady stream of new music!!

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