La ecléctica Mikaela Monet: from Venezuela to the world.

La ecléctica Mikaela Monet: from Venezuela to the world.

March 31, 2024 in Features


One of the most exciting parts of South By is the opportunity to meet and see a wide array of international artists. Sometimes, it feels as if these artists represent not just their creations and brands, but their countries as well. Especially when you’re the one of two artists from your nation at SXSW. When the eyes of the attendees of one of the biggest music festivals in the world are on you, the pressure can be too much to handle. However, this didn’t seem to be an issue to Mikaela Monet, a singer and songwriter from Valencia, Venezuela (~2.5 hours away from my hometown: Caracas), whose lovely attitude and genuine passion deeply imbues itself in her music.

I was able to have a short interview with Mikaela at the KVRX station. To me, it felt like talking to an old friend. Her contagious joy and smile were present since we first shook hands. And her outlook on music, creating and finding herself in songwriting definitely cemented this moment as one of the loveliest chats I’ve had with an artist.

How would you describe your vibes to someone that hasn’t listened to your music before?

Eclectic. I grew up listening to a lot of music, a lot of genres. In many ways, it’s like a curse and a blessing. Sometimes, I’d love to focus on something more specific… but I can’t help myself! I love pop, I love gospel, I love salsa! So, yeah, eclectic.

You can definitely tell! You mix and mash a lot of interesting sounds together in your songs. Is there a genre that you’d love to experiment with?

Actually, there’s one I wrote a few days ago, and I will perform at my show… an EDM song! I’ve always wanted to try it out, especially because [my partner] does EDM. And on top of that, it’s a love song. I never really wrote about love, until I fell in love myself.

Nice! I’ve actually wanted to ask you to elaborate on your creative process since so many of your songs seem to come from deeply ingrained emotions. Do you find yourself saying: “This could definitely be a song!” when something interesting happens?

It depends. When I started writing, I usually went with someone else’s story or how I would feel, say, entering the club or experiencing something unique. But now, I’ve been writing more about my life and events in my day to day or my journey to find myself. It’s much more vulnerable writing, something I haven’t been in touch with before.

When you’re in this process, when can you tell when a song is ready to go?

Deadlines! Seriously, without deadlines, I keep at it. For example, when I record vocals, sometimes I get a take, but then I want another one. But the first one had more magic, more spark. But this, and that. Lately, however, I’ve been letting it flow a little more. It’s organic, and whatever happens, happens.

You’re not just a musician, but you’re also an actress. In what ways are acting and singing similar to each other?

I was actually blessed in this case because not only did I get the role, but they also asked me to make the music and also, we’d like for you to dance in it… I was able to combine everything I love doing in one single place! And I had the creative liberty to play around with the characters and the soundscapes.

Thank you so much, Mikaela! One last thing for our readers: what’s your quintessential Venezuelan dish?

Upa! Either a pabellón (Venezuelan mix of shredded meat, black beans and rice) or a dogfish empanada. Those are always good!

Find more about Mikaela Monet here.

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