Letter to Our Hornraiser Donors

Letter to Our Hornraiser Donors

November 17, 2020 in Features

by Tonyyyyyyyyyyyy

To our beloved KVRX Hornraiser donors,

On behalf of all of us DJs and staff at KVRX, we give our deepest gratitude to all of our donors who were generous enough to support us in our efforts to produce the content we all love! We couldn't be prouder of our amazing and hard-working KVRX Production Department for making brilliant productions like Local Live and Unplugged possible for you all to enjoy and for local talent to be a part of.

To our amazing KVRX alumni and to everyone who donated, your support is the reason that we do all that we do at KVRX. Not only that, but you are central to who KVRX is—the soul of college radio. You show the wide potential of college radio and represent the future of our up-and-coming DJs and radio professionals!

In the words of our KVRX Station Manager, Jane Palacios:

“KVRX has always been a community effort. Every individual brings something special that helps KVRX grow as a community and an organization. Thank you for being part of KVRX’s history. Thank you for your continual support of us and our work here. Long live college radio!”

We are again so thankful for your support; because of it, there will be many more amazing projects to come.

Thank you, on behalf of KVRX 91.7 FM Radio.

HornRaiser I Amplify KVRX 2020

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