Meet Your Blog Director Darren Puccala

Meet Your Blog Director Darren Puccala: + Spring 2024 Staff

May 8, 2024 in Features

by DJ rat

How long you've been at staff?

Spiritually I'd say since April 26 2002. I think more so in practice since last summer June 2023

What is your major and year of graduation?

Journalism and May 2024

Do you have a show at KVRX? What's the name and what's it about?

Oh wow, thank you so much for asking actually! Yes, I do have a show it's called clearance rack. I chose the name with help from my friend Austin during a brainstorming session because of KVRX's rules for playing artists with under 250K monthly listeners on Spotify. I figured it was like going into a record store and browsing through the clearance rack for music you could afford instead of paying $35 for an album you know. In the end, the music you end up finding in this section is usually the best anyways.

Why you joined KVRX?

Honestly, I joined because of the Moody Orientation. I wanted to join a club to make friends and I thought joining the student radio station sounded the most fun. It's part of the reason I spent so much time this past summer doing all the KVRX orientation stuff and welcoming freshmen. It's overwhelming having all those choices and it's nice to be advertised to a little bit. The first thing I did when I got to Austin was go to the new member merch party and meet people. We made a group chat called the Azaleia Banks Love Hate Fan Club or something and then I ended up being friends with some of those people to this day. Hi Bella hi Andrea.

What's your favorite KVRX memory?

Honestly, there's just SO many to choose from. I thought about this for a long time. I think I'm gonna choose the last Local Live of my first year at Austin. The artist was Honey Made, a R&B, Jazz, Funk, and Soul fusion band and to this day It's still been the most lively I've ever seen in that studio. People were dancing all around on the side and the band's energy was incredible. All time great performance and a live audience experience I don't think I'll ever get again.

Advice for New DJs?

Yeah! So basically I always hear DJ's saying they want to try out a bunch of different stuff at the station and honestly not that many do. I'd say my biggest piece of advice would be to actually do that. Like try and do a bunch of different stuff and take advantage of the wide range of talents the staff and members have to offer you!

Darren's Picks:

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